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Overall the Snakebyte Premium Bluetooth Controller is a great controller for those looking for an alternative to the Sony DualShock 3. The only drawback that could be found within the controller itself would be the “stiffness” of the L1 and R1 buttons. Everything else within the controller was top notch. It is nice to see a third party step up to the plate with a controller that features everything standard that the DualShock 3 does, this offers a different option to gamers.

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Sigh3085d ago

triggers in the review say they are good for shooters yet doesnt show how they look... cmon!!!

sGIBMBR3085d ago

The triggers aren't the best for shooters... Probably why no one uses them!

RatFuker3085d ago

i agree, the ps3 dualshock 3 (standard remote) is the best remote for shooters.

Dramscus3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I have one of these controllers. It's mostly just perfect for people with long fingers and big palms.
The triggers are actually pretty good for shooters, their like actual triggers. Where it's a bit lacking is in racing games.
Standard ds3 for any racing I do.

This is probably my favourite controller I use it more often than my ds3

This is a bit of a review I posted on a forum.

It has some comparison pics of the snakebyte with a ds3 that has the triggers that clip on.
I find the clip on triggers to be pretty helpful in racing games.

Jrome3084d ago

I've never really understood the fascination with triggers for shooters. Pressing R1 is so much quicker.


There are for sale some Triggers for L2 and R2 for the DS3 Controller if someone is complaining about that.

karan86243084d ago

Which dumbass would pay 5 dollars for 2 chunks of plastic? Thats is EXACTLY what they are, 2 shaped peices of plastic.

Meowhammad3084d ago

Those five dollars make driving more fun and easier. It keeps your finger from slipping.

ian723084d ago

In the UK, those triggers for L2/R2 are only £1.99 if you shop around £2.99 at most. I got some free with a PS magazine.

kingjoker343084d ago

i agree too.
i love the controller, prolly cause ive been gaming with it since ps1 days.

Meowhammad3084d ago

It is the best controller for for shooters, if they use the L1 R1 for aiming and shooting.

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Urrakia343084d ago

dont really understand the point of these alternate controllers, i think the DS3 is well designed with its only flaw being the awkward triggers. but i guess some people dont feel that way and thats cool. more power to them

BYE3084d ago

Good for you. But not all have the same sized hands.

If we all were one size there would be only one size of jeans for everybody.

Urrakia343084d ago

i know and thats exactly why i said not everybody feels that its a great controller and i dont mind that cuz im content with the DS3 as it fits my preferences. i've got fairly big hands but i love how the DS3 fits snugly in my grasp. makes me feel like it'll never slip out of my hands and mess up a crucial circumstance during my gaming. but to each his own of course

Donny3084d ago

i want the red one, it looks badass

karan86243084d ago

Isnt that pretty much a pre-made hacker controller then?

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The story is too old to be commented.