Console vs. PC

Why spend thousands on a high-end PC when you can play wider variety of games on a much cheaper console.

Buy a PS3 and you know you're not going to have to upgrade for quite a while. Sure spending 400$-600$ bucks many seem bad, but it's still cheap compared top the price of a high end PC...

Read on about the advantages and disadvantages of a PC and a Console...

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Mr Murda3977d ago

I'm personally all about consoles because I feel like there are "MORE" great games featured on consoles than on PC, and I find it arduous to continue to update my PC to keep up with the changes. My personal preference. Although, I love me some good RTS action on PC.

That being said, I have several friends that tinker with their PC like it's a car and are always changing this or adding that. That's their thing.

JsonHenry3977d ago

Trust me, the system with a "wider variety" is not a console, lol.

ItsDubC3977d ago

In my case, the cost for my PC is justified because it serves other purposes aside from gaming. If I bought a PC strictly for gaming, I would definitely feel ripped off. That being said, my current PC cannot keep up graphically w/ the PS3/360, nor can I play games that depend on the Wii remote for input. So for me the PC is a jack of many trades while the consoles are a master of one.

vudu3977d ago

Soon enough when prices go down (they always do) you'll be able to afford to build your own PC that will crush any console's graphics and power. Besides you can't do a lot of modding with a console.

Rooted_Dust3977d ago

Powerfull PC components get cheaper all the time, and new console are only getting more expensive every harware cycle.

actionjackson3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Very true. But the hardware cycle for computers is a LOT shorter than game consoles. We see new game consoles every 5-8 years. New computer components come out monthly. Competition the the computer hardware sector is a lot more cut throat. i.e. ATI v Nvida, AMD v Intel, Maxtor v Western Digital v Seagate, MS v the rest of the world. Linksys v Belkin v D-Link, etc. In the gaming console world we only have Sony v MS v Nintendo.

Edit: @ Rooted_Dust

I understood your point clearly. And I agree with you. I'm just pointing to the fact that game consoles are more stagnant in price than a PC. If you want to take it to the extreme with what you are saying, then when you buy something for a PC, it is pretty much obsolete at that point, since a newer version would have come out with much more. At least with consoles, the price doesn't change that much, so whether you buy it now or a year from now, all consumers are getting almost equal treatment. Just because the $$ amount is high doesn't mean it is expensive for what you get. I.E. The PS3. But go buy a Dell or Alienware when they are having a sale, and then try selling it a few months later and you will not get the same value in proportion to a game console. And BTW nobody waits 5-8 years for a console's price to go down. More like a year or two, which is usually the same price as a high end graphix card. Just a point. But I agree with you.

Rooted_Dust3977d ago

@actionjackson- I can wait 5-8 months to buy hardware when the price goes down. Can you wait 5-8 years to purchase a game console when it's price goes down?

kingjkv3977d ago

Yeah sure go buy urself a 400$ video card that u will need to play crysis. Money well spend . YEAH......NOT.

ulath6663977d ago

Why wouldnt it be? That gfx would probably hang around for 1½-2 years without having to put settings at low on any game coming out.
And by then we have a new generation of gfx cards and the PC graphics takes another lite skip ahead...

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sumfood4u3977d ago

I played EQ on the pc 8 months & Playstation an Nintendo most my life. I am not used to typing for long periods of time an in MMORPG typing is equivent to Real Life Breathing. I Prefer a Console but PC is just as fun!

TLSBill3977d ago

I've given up on updating my PC anymore. $500 for a video card is too much. I'll buy a 360 instead of updating the PC. As an aside, check Desructiod's "recognize your gamer" section on PC gamers.. freakin hillarious.. I was that guy.

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