Earth No More: Plotting a cinematic FPS revolution

Bid welcome to Earth No More - a game that's an awful long way away (we're talking 2009 here, people), but has a mission statement that makes it damn hard to ignore.

From a development house splintered from Remedy (of Max Payne fame) and 3D Realms, it's all part of a concept known as the "cinegame."

"Our ultimate goal is to bring games to the same level as film and television in terms of providing an interactive experience with emotional consequence," says Samuli Syvähuoko, studio director at Recoil Games. "We want to tap into the whole gamut of human emotions, not just the low-hanging fruit like tension, excitement and fear. The single driving force behind all good films, for example, is drama. And to create meaningful drama, we've got to abandon the lone hero in favor of an ensemble cast. It's this cast of characters that allows us to explore a fuller range of dynamics and conflicts that we've not seen in many previous games."

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Rute3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Sounds good. Hope they have skillful writers and innovating designers who are able to merge the drama, action and freedom of choice naturally into the game's intellectual offerings. The ultimate task in my opinion is to produce a game where the player and different entities have seamless causal relationships at the different emergent levels (mainly physical and psychological) AND produce information that is applicable to the game world in addition to having a philosophical meaning that reflects the fundamental basis of it.

NRG3977d ago

After the Max Payne series and how Alan Wake is turning out, I have faith Remedy games can turn out a pretty good story and game, but this just almost just seems like setting your goals to unreachable places.

p.s. Give me Alan Wake before you even start this, damn it Remedy!