David Jaffe - My Day at the Con

An interesting blog post by David Jaffe, creator of God of War, about his day at the 2007 Comic-Con on Thursday.

"Geoff was going to interview infamous film director Uwe Boll and I asked to come along. I thought it'd be neat to meet someone who has to deal with his own internet slings and arrows; see how he deals with the abuse. He turned out to be a nice, nice guy.

He is passionate about his new movie (Postal) and seems really like a decent person. I've never seen any of his films however so I'm not sure if he deserves the shit he takes or not. I can tell you when Geoff- on camera!- asked me if I would let Uwe direct God Of War, I told him….err, wait. Maybe that will make it onto GameHead in a few weeks. So I'll wait till it airs before I spill the beans! But he was cool!

Oh, and check it out! He gave me some plans of the set to his new movie, FARCRY, that he's making right now!

I taped over his email cause I know that the worst thing the net needs right now is Uwe's private email floating around! Can you imagine the hell?!?"

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MK_Red3790d ago

I love this blog. David is an awesome guy. WarGames among top 10, kill from Jason X the best kill ever... And he made God Of War. Loved the great pictures specially the cute SPidey and Freddy ones.

WIIIS13790d ago

So now every self-indulgent blog by this narcisist is gaming news?

erosevaporator3790d ago

Seriously, Uwe Boll is directing Farcry?!?!? That is freakin HILARIOUS!!! Well, one more game movie down the toilet. At some point in time, someone has GOT to realize that this guy should NOT be given an ip to translate to film...

Lord Anubis3790d ago

We got those t-shirts at the God of war II launch.