PA's Jerry "Tycho" Holkins Addicted To Eye of Judgement

After playing it for forty minutes and then tearing ourselves away to return to the booth, we begged to be shown the game before the show on Sunday. I spent most of the week obsessed with it, modeling it in my mind, considering card combinations that would penetrate deep - sometimes startling myself with my own cleverness.

I would be startled again when Gabe beat me less than ten minutes. I took the second game, but only after a grueling, nearly hour long, mud-encrusted arena tractor pull. Eye of Judgement is going to sell me a Playstation 3 and a Playstation Eye - a card game.

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Bill Gates3917d ago

This game is seriously understimated.

It will push alot of consoles out the door for Sony.

Don't worry M$, you still have Viva Pinata 2 coming soon. That'll help you sell one or two more consoles...AHHAHHAA

360Sheep3917d ago

Cmon Bill... 2 more to go. We know you can do it, we're all pulling for you. Just gotta think positive, you will achieve greatness.

Bill Gates3917d ago

Why people like to hate on me so much is beyond me.


XxZxX3917d ago

you know what i find it funny? Some xbot really take your shot at 360 as personal offense which is pretty sad.

teh_tourist3917d ago

the game sounds gimmicky to me

boi3917d ago

I give you a bubble because I like your trade mark lol

and for Eye of judgment me and my cousins going to get it because we are into this sort of stuff...hope this will not just a a 1 time hit

Bazookajoe_833917d ago

This will sell alot of consoles in japan, they go crazy for this sort of things. I must take a deeper look at it thou, dont know if i would play it so much. Hopefully a friend will buy it, then i can try it out =)