Kinect's Launch Lineup Misses An Opportunity

Matthew Kato: "When the then-Project Natal was introduced at last year's E3, Microsoft talked about how already released games could be retro-fitted with the technology. Burnout Paradise was one of the games demoed at the time showing off this feature, and everyone who played it raved about it.

Since then, Microsoft has said that because of the technology required for Kinect, that it was no longer possible to retro-fit games with the tech. What happened? One minute Burnout Paradise is up and running with Natal and the next it's not possible? Maybe there was a technical reason for that which I wouldn't understand since I'm not a developer, but whatever the situation it's too bad."

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xYLeinen3059d ago

I'm even less enthusiastic for Kinect then I was before.

Bigpappy3059d ago

But not core games. They should restrict Kinect to casual and strategy games. They could add some features to core games, but there is no need to try and compete with the controller. Many people left keyboard and mouse, with better graphics, to come to controller only game-play. Motion is not going to be prefered over the controller by core gamers anytime soon. This is why it is a good stradegy to focus on games that can not be done with a controller. M$ might have some simple games so far, but they are focus on what can only be done on connect. Great for casual gaming so far. Not so much for core as yet. I don't see why the core would be mad at this, as they already have one of the best controllers in the industry.

outrageous3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

First, this is a fanboy piece looking for hits. He didn't have time to play Kinect but has lots of time to

Maybe M$ should force gamers to pay a ridiculous amount of money like Sony to play old games. Maybe this guy would be happy then. Let's hope articles like this and Sony fleecing there core gamers to play old titles doesn't give M$ any ideas.

tiamat53059d ago

They just keep lying. Their people claimed that the Kinect wojld be implimented into games like Halo Reach and Fable 3 but like always they give you half of what they promised and if anyone protests everyone calls you names and pretends it didn't happen. Like the article said before, what happened to scaning everday objects into the game, one of the very things that got them voted for best tech of the year back when it was still called Natal?

SeanRL3059d ago

They over promise and under deliver, I don't know why anyone would give them best tech of the year but they should take it back.

gynecologistcobra3059d ago

Do you REALLY want to play Halo: Reach or Fable 3 with Kinect?

Spenok3059d ago

I dont want to play Halo period (but thats just because i myself dont enjoy the games) But Fable with Kinect....i somehow doubt it would be a worthwhile experience judgeing by whats been shown for Kinect so far. The only "hardcore" looking title was that Starwars game and that was on rails with the person standing in place blocking attacks, or attacking while stationary. I cant imagine a hardcore game like Fable or Halo would work the way people would want it to.

Faztkiller3059d ago

Kinect is an interesting idea but MS is going to have to so some good games using it before I get interested and it needs to cost $70 or less

xYLeinen3059d ago

Well.. Thats one of the biggest differences with Sony move and Kinect for example.

Move will ship with games working for both Dualshock 3 and Move.

Kinect games will be standalone games almost at full price. I don't see how they will sell more consoles with this, rather than just divide their user base into two.

candystop3059d ago

It kind of makes no sense to even buy move if every game can be played with a normal controller. The good thing about Kinect is that all of it's games are built to take advantage of it from the ground up and not just an add on. Sony's going to have a hard time selling Move and convincing people they need it.

moparful993059d ago

You either dont get it or you refuse to accept it but the idea that move games will also have ds3 support means that ps3 games will attract a larger audience because people who dont want motion controls have the option to still play those games where as those of us (myself included) who are eager to use move can do so.. Sony is essentially bridging the tech gap between the wii and kinect.. Giving us stunning hd games with precise motion controls is very smart move.. Face it sony knows exactly what they are doing..

SeanRL3059d ago

Just make a game where you have full body control and you kick and punch a bunch of shit in a room, including terrorists.... Honestly, it's supposed to just be fun.

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