Halo 3 Blowout - New screens and details

Here are some newly released Halo 3 screens and Updated information from Joypad and Famitsu magazines . The screens are looking great as always."Halo" trilogy, is set to shatter day-one entertainment sales records when it is released in Europe on Wednesday, September 26 Created by legendary developer Bungie Studios and exclusive to the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

Hit jump to new screens and massive new details.

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Violater3950d ago

these look really good.
I love the textures and lighting, and we all know the gameplay is going to be great.

dantesparda3949d ago

While it looks alright, it still doesnt have that extra oomph that's needed to make look really good.

Omega Kaze3950d ago

Well im glad to see some Elites in the screen shots finaly.

Daz3950d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Look at the second pic flying bodys every where lol. The screens need to be bigger not A5 size lol.
This game is going to be great, another game to add to my ps3 and 360 collection.
No money left this Q4 of 2007 so many good games coming out.

deepio3950d ago

Yeh, these screenshots are sooooo small!!!!

Schmitty073950d ago

This game is going to be so awesome. The Elites look kickass now. I may consider being one in multiplayer now.

Daxx3949d ago

Yeah same with me. Thank goodness that the Elite hud is blue and not purple like last time, that always threw me off because I am so used to the blue.

XENOCIDE3949d ago

The Elites do look a lot cooler to play this time 'round, though I'm still partial to Spartans (who isn't?). If I wasn't droppin' a stack for a new motor for my SS I'd already have a 360, patiently waiting for Halo 3. I'll def. have another before Sept. 25th tho, no choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.