MGS: Peacewalker Review (Spoiler Free)

The guys at Transmissions from the Void have posted up a spoiler free review of Hideo Kojima's new masterpiece

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kingofmetal793058d ago

Bud, i would as it is amazing! I never expected MGS: PW to be as good, or addictive as it is....awesome stuff.

George Sears3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

I am obsessed with this game. My goal now (which imal
ost complete) is too S rank every quest. I already did all the main ones and I'm like 90% done with the Extra Ops. By far one of the best games I've played this year story wise, gameplay wise and replay wise.

If you haven't gotten this game, just know that you will be hooked with recruiting soldiers, sending them to special op missions, adding R&D team to develop new better variations/weapons for your army and there is also one more thing that would get you excited once you complete. If you've played Xenosaga and tried to collect Erde Kaiser then you would understand.

Redempteur3057d ago

erde kaiser spoiler !!..i think everyone knwo about the secret plan in peace walker but your comparaison was one of the best

CobraKai3058d ago

Wow. This game is deceptively long. Much longer than previous MGS games

raztad3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

LOL So true.

And considering is ALL gameplay, with few in between amazing cutscenes I would say game is a masterpiece.

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The story is too old to be commented.