New Xbox 360 Elite's Have Added Heat Sink

In an effort to boost stability, Microsoft has been putting in an additional heat sink on the graphics chip of refurbished Xbox 360's as of late. Now, that added heat sink is in all new Xbox 360 Elite models being shipped.

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drunkpandas3464d ago

I'd check my Elite, but I don't want to void the warranty. Haven't had any problems with it, so I'm going to assume it has the new heat sinks

Daewoodrow3464d ago

you don't need to void your warantee to check.

I checked mine after it got repaired, it has the heatsink.

drunkpandas3464d ago

Thanks for the info! Good to know you can check without opening the box.

Rowland3464d ago

quieter than the 360 ?

drunkpandas3464d ago

My Elite is definitely quieter than the broken Premiums it replaced. I'm attributing this to the quieter DVD drive though.

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Syko3464d ago

I would think this would be on all systems, not just the ELITE?! If they only put it on the elite than that is retarded. unless they have fixed the problem on the Pro and Core versions already. But I doubt it.

Oh well, I don't care mine is in Texas getting "Retro-Fitted" with the new hardware.

That factory in Texas must have to kick 360 inside the factory to shut the door at night. At least it is "Slowly" getting better. Can we pick up the pace on the "Falcon" MS??!!

Rama262853464d ago

I guess this would be a good enough reason to upgrade for existing 360 owners? Not to mention the HDMI support and 120GB....

Do you think those 360's being sent back for repairs will get this added?

XENOCIDE3464d ago

The one's sent for repairs were the first to get the added heatsink. It was only a matter of time before all new units received them. The process will be complete when all new units (Elite to Core, I find it hard to believe that only the new Elites have the added heatsinks) have the added heatsinks as well as the 65nm chips.

SuperSaiyan43464d ago

Once you send it for repair thats why its taking like a month they are upgrading it with an added heatsink.

However the ELITE's that are coming out in Europe will most likely have the new 65nm CPU and GPU which means no extra heatsink is required.

sjappie3464d ago

I was just wondering about this and hope it's true, cause I'm planning on selling my premium to buy an elite. But only if it has all the new hardware on board, but how do you know that when you buy one?

xmod3464d ago

....they're aweful. How could they have released such a faulty piece of hardware to begin with?

I guess that's how they do things at Microslop, release a faulty product and then patch the f*ck out of it.

Daz3464d ago

Every company makes mestakes m8. what about sony and 50 million disc read errors lol joke. still was good thought. sold ps2 to get some maony for the ps3.

xmod3464d ago

50 million disk errors? have a link to prove that?

personally, i don't even think its 1/10th of that number.

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The story is too old to be commented.