Death of the Split-Screen?

Bitsofjoy argues: "Gone are the days of 4 drunken friends crowding around a telly playing Goldeneye deathmatches talking trash in all directions – developed from years of cumulative banter, in favour of 64 player team deathmatches comprising of individuals from around the world pwning the avatars of strangers."

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Spolodaface2785d ago

Old skool multiplayer is dead.

Long live new multiplayer?

ABizzel12785d ago

Never. I like online and split screen, because I actually have friends who like to play when they come over to my house.

BadCircuit2785d ago

The biggest disappointment this gen has been the abandonment of local multiplayer imo.

Darkstorn2785d ago

I always have the best times when I'm playing splitscreen. Online gaming just feels so...aloof.

greeneggsnsam2785d ago

Headsets don't cut it when you compare to hanging out with friends.

SKUD2785d ago


That doesn't make it ANY better. Makes it worse.

PhantomT14122785d ago

Well, I prefer playing with my friends by my side, talking with them instead of hearing an annoying little kid shouting in his mic.

PoSTedUP2785d ago

this is why i like halo3, resistence2 and warhawk, they have online splitscreen mode. games need to bring back 4 player splitscreen, motorstorm recently did. i want to see more though.

shadow27972785d ago

Twisted Metal will have 4 player split screen. You can thank David Jaffe.

NeutralGamer2785d ago

Splitscreen was the best thing to happen to gaming and now they are killing it???!

pixelsword2785d ago

I LOVE splitscreen.

Me and my family playing is the best time for me.

And if I had a bud over I could get my gameplay on without any racist garbage or children to mute.

If PC's had splitscreen for a lot of their games, I'd never get a console game again.

BadCircuit2785d ago

agreed. Online is different style, but nothing beats playing with mates in the same room and laughing at each other.

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Kalowest2785d ago

Say that to Halo:Reach, GeoW3, and KZ3.

Parapraxis2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I'm not sure what kind of point you are making... do these games have split-screen?

Kalowest2785d ago

yes they have split-screen, GeoW3 has 4player SS.

FantasyStar2785d ago

Err...I heard of 4p Co-op, not 4p Split-screen. Link?

DarkSpawnClone2785d ago

@FantasyStar "Err...I heard of 4p Co-op, not 4p Split-screen. Link?" .. meet warhawk

BBAM2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

gears 2 has 2p split-screen, hopefully epic will keep on improving gears and that this will include pumping up the SS to 4p

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Parapraxis2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Ah great, I'm surprised actually.
Great news to me though, I'll most likely be getting all 3 of these games.

I think even more games need local multiplayer.
Bring the party back to the living rooms!

IrishAssa2785d ago

Thank god for that. Split screen should never die. I don't want to have to buy another console to play with my brother. Rediculus that so many games don't have it this gen

Spolodaface2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Totally, it should come as a standard feature - how difficult would it really be to implement.

I wouldn't even mind paying a little for it as DLC if they had to develop it post-release, when i've got mates round my game library suddenly becomes very limited.

BBAM2785d ago

Split screen is difficult to implement as their engine needs to be able to render 2 - 4 different scenes, while also working with the input from 2 - 4 different sources. This is why the graphics take a notable hit, especailly in 4 player.
However, I was surprised at how this doesn't appear to apply to Heavy rain which effortly renders multiple scenes without any noticeable drop in the visuals.

Kalowest2785d ago

O Sh1t iam wrong, your right GeoW3 has 4player Co-op,and 2player SS (hopefully it well have 4player SS), i know KZ3 has SS or Co-op this time around, and of course H:R will have Tons of stuff for its MP online and offline.

shadow27972785d ago

Don't forget Twisted Metal. 4 player split screen, online, or both.

Fanb0y2785d ago

Wai... what? Did I miss something over the past few weeks?

Killzone 3 split screen?

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telekineticmantis2785d ago

Truely my PS3 gets neglected sometimes merely for the lack of split screen for their games. Really it is a major contributor for their lack of sales when compared year in year to the PS2. I can usually only play 360 or Wii games with my friends resulting in them buying one of those consoles instead of the PS3. Split Screen and Co-op is what you call free advertising

Parapraxis2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Usually when I have people over we end up playing SingStar, Buzz, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, Fat Princess, WiEoutHD and Call of Duty or a fighting game.

...SingStar the most...what can I say, after a few drinks everybody is a vocal powerhouse!

Point is there ARE split-screen/mutiplayer games for PS3, but you have to know which ones.
Don't neglect you PS3, neglect is a form of abuse =(

DarkSpawnClone2785d ago

don't for get warhawk 4 player split-screen online :P and lbp ..but i agree more games need split-screen

Nasseh2785d ago

I am so glad Warhawk included that feature. It really was the game I played every single weekend with my neighbours and little brother, for hours on end. Great times.

Cajun Chicken2785d ago

Totally agree. Not enough splitscreen games on PS3, lets hope that changes.

BBAM2785d ago

disagree, because of the amount of splitscreen games I play with my flat mates all the time.

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