Gears records "going down on September 25"

In an interview with CVG at the Develop conference in Brighton, Mark Rein admitted that his game was going to get pummelled beyond belief by the might of Halo 3:

"All those records we broke with Gears of War are going down on September 25," Rein told CVG, "We've had a nice nine, ten months of being the record holder, and now we're going to get our ass kicked. In a good way."

Rein is referring to the records that Halo 2 held prior to Gears' release. Being that Halo 2 was the most played game on Xbox Live for over 2 years. Gears' impressive gameplay quality crushed this great Xbox Live title, but Rein feels that it is fine to be outperformed by a 'third generation' Xbox 360 title.

CVG, however poses a good question to gamers abroad: Will Halo 3's inevitable record-breaking sales success be crushed by the multiplatform GTA IV a month later?

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Bill Gates3919d ago

URT3 > Hallo Kittie 3

URT3 is a much better game in every aspect of the word.

The ability for mods alone will trample Hello Kittie 3...HAHHAHA

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devi8i3919d ago

Bill gates is still not banned?

PS3n3603919d ago

Where are the URT3 books, graphic novels, collectable toys, 7 million pr-orders, and most importantly wheres the story line. Generic run n gun games cant compete with halo. Sorry man but the sales speak for themselves. the fact that you post in the comments section is proof enough that this game is going to eat your whole family for breakfast.

gta_cb3919d ago

Bill Gates you are an idiot and i am now going to report you for every post you make, why? because i know you will continue to only post complete sh!t. the article is about Halo 3 and Gears not Unreal Tournament 3 aka UT3 which if i remember is coming to the Xbox 360 next year, yeh without the mods but so what i have ALWAYS thought that mods should stay with PCs IMO

Umbrella Corp3918d ago

i hate this guy,bill gates please if you have respect for gaming stop being a sony fanboy or ....signup for ign,i love n4g its like a family your like the child who everyone hates

DiLeCtioN3918d ago

who agreed with this guy

Marceles3918d ago

Bill Gates has 2 bubbles?? lol

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BenzMoney3919d ago

It's not that GTA IV isn't going to sell well, because it will. But it won't be the most played game on the LIVE rankings. It just doesn't have the staying power that Halo has.

When Halo 2 came out, most of the gamers I know didn't play any other game for about 4-6 months, sometimes longer. Sure, it will be different this time, with GTAIV and Mass Effect and Ace Combat 6 and Call of Duty 4 all coming out around the same time. And while gamers will certainly be playing these games, they'll always end up popping that H3 disc back into the tray for another session of online pwnage.

...that's just the way its gonna be.

Schmitty073919d ago

With everything you just said. I will be playing all those games, but Halo 3 will take the most out of me. Bubbles for you!

gta_cb3919d ago

i absolutely LOVE the GTA series, but even i will be buying Halo 3 so i agree with everything you have said, infact i am still in the dark about how GTA will be online, will it be just like Saints Row? if so then to be honest i wont be spending as much time on the online play then i thought. not saying Saints Row isnt fun, but it takes to long to even get enough players SOMETIMES. infact i kinda disagree with the article a little bit as i can see myself playing Gears of War for a very long time to come.

kornbeaner3919d ago

Halo 3 will break records when launched thats pretty much a given. But this holiday HALO will have some pretty stiff competion in the form of GTA, MASS Effect, Bioshock, and C.O.D. 4.

Now I know in that grand scheme of all things XBOX, Halo reigns supreme, But never in the histroy of halo's launch history has HALO had such tough competition. HALO will break sales and all but it won't be the best game released on the 360 this Holiday season.

devi8i3919d ago

My money is on Halo 3.

rubarb233919d ago

I totally agree with you that halo has never faced this kind of competition before, but it's like BenzMoney says games like GTA IV, mass effect, bioshock, COD 4, ect, ect, ect while they're all going to be amazing bad ass games, none of them have the staying power of the halo series. once your done playing those games, your just going to come back to halo again and again and angain like the little halo sluts we all are. plus, you know bungie will be adding a crap load of DLC so yeah, i think people will be playing halo 3 for a long ass time.

AllroundGamer3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

i for example :) i will borrow it from someone just to see, if it is so repetitive as Halo2 or if they learned from the mistakes they made...

i Shank u3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

i didnt pre-order it butim planning on going to super-walmart at midnight to buy it. some kids gonna get a busted head if they grab the last copy lol

@ the abvoe - i think they have learned from the mistakes, because i remember reading a while back that they realize halo 2 had alot of flaws, and that they wont be making them again. One of the flaws mentioned was splitting campaign into half MC, half Arbiter. Halo3 is supposed to be MC only or mostly MC

ajsmith3919d ago

I'm not buying halo 3 since it will be the same as 1 and its the most over rated game of all time.

Xeoset3919d ago

The fact even Mark Rein recognises how much Halo 3 is going to smash records is word enough.

Time to finish the fight.

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