Tokyo Game Show Exhibitor List Unveiled

Tokyo Game Show is one of the most eagerly awaited events on the gaming calendar. This year, anticipation is at fever pitch following a rather low-key E3 showing for new game announcements. As such, you'll probably be eager to start picking over the official list of exhibitors, ready to predict what's going to be shown.

Big names like Sony and Microsoft are already signed up for the event, while Nintendo is currently MIA - for the time being, at least. Developer-wise, it's the usual mix of well-known Japanese studios, including Capcom, KOEI and SEGA. Of course, the easiest thing to do is use your own eyes and glance at the full exhibitor list below below:

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Loopy3917d ago

Finally, a real show, not that trampled-down boring e3.

SimmoUK3917d ago

E3 wasn't boring as a PS3 owner we got to see Killzone2, MGS4, LBP, Heavenly Sword, LAIR, Uncharted, GT Prologue, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank and i'm sure i've missed a few that's more than enough to warrant me getting a PS3...

Really looking forward to 8 days and The Getaway at hopefully Leipzig... but if not TGS will do...