First Viva Piñata DS screen blooms

After yesterday's slightly unofficial-official announcement comes the real meat of Rare's DS morphing of Viva Piñata, as well as the first screenshot.

This demonstrates the DS version will play much as the Xbox 360's, with players required to shape and maintain their garden to attract wild piñata who will, if conditions are to their liking, move in.

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Syko3978d ago

This game will sell very well for the DS, I just hope they "tone" down the difficulty a little for the DS version. As it is an easy game but the depth and difficulty to do certain things was ridiculous for a younger audience game. Great game though, I really enjoyed it and often played it with my wife.

Mr Murda3978d ago

I personally think this game will shine on the DS, cause the top down view and touch controls will make it much easier to manage your "Pinata Garden". I JUST, three days ago, traded in my DS cause I didn't play anything but Advance Wars on it, but now I'm kicking myself with the Viva Pinata announcement. Oh well, this won't be the first time I've traded in a handheld and then had to go buy it again.

sonarus3978d ago

wow. i won't hate or anything but i thought this game was lame. Fixing up gardens pattin the place down with shovels and if you hit the lady in the head with your shovel she seizes the damn thing. Maybe its a great game but i honestly can't see it

WIIIS13978d ago

Nah lame is when a game forces you to use crappy controls to flap around aimlessly while blowing hot air in all directions. Y'know, a 5.5 score kind of lame.

ElementX3978d ago

I thought it was a lot of fun. I think this game will sell well on DS.