Top Ten Rhythm-Action Games

This week we are looking at the top ten Rhythm-Action games. This is a genre that in the last couple of years has become increasingly popular, seeing the growth of several game franchises and the release of many brand new titles on both the home and handheld consoles. Despite this however, the overall revenue from the genre and its associated merchandise has fallen. With developers and publishers desperately trying to find the new hook, perhaps there isn’t a better time to look back at the games that got us here.

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jidery3062d ago

This list is fail with out Patapon

lightningsax3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I'm not so sure, Jidery. Patapon isn't necessarily much of a "rhythm" game, it's more of a RPG/strategy game that allows you to issue commands on beats. Yeah, there is some rhythm involved in the minigames and Jujus, but not anything complex.

It's a music game, but not really based on rhythm. The writer's right in this case.

Terarmzar3062d ago

PaRappa The Rapper should be number 1. Way better than that guitar hero junk that comes out every year.

felixbf3062d ago

These top 10 listings need to be labeled right

"Electronictheatre's Top Ten Rhythm-Action Games "

slow weekend in news...i think i will go watch some Futurama instead

evercast3062d ago

GH, RB, DJ, and DDR shouldn't have even been on the list. Wouldn't count them as action. Add Rez HD, and E4 to the list. Beat hazard is also pretty sweet. But I agree with Tazz PaRappa the Rapper should have been number 1.

lightningsax3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Rez (HD included) is not a rhythm game. There's nothing significant about rhythm in the gameplay - the sound effects are just quantized within a quadruple subdivision of the beat in the song's tempo according to what you're doing. The gameplay itself is much more like Panzer Dragoon. If they said "Music Game," a much more general category where music is integrated into the game in any way imaginable, I'd have Rez as top on the list.

Lumines, another Mizuguchi creation, has more to do with rhythm than Rez, since the timeline that wipes out blocks is integrated into the tempo and meter of the tune. Even then, I wouldn't include Lumines, as it just doesn't have enough to do with rhythm to be classified as a "rhythm game."

Theonik3062d ago

Damn gotta go play Space channel 5 again today. >.>
They seriously need to get that one on PSN/XBL with move/kinect optional control.
Wouldn't mind a sequel either.

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The story is too old to be commented.