Midyear Report: The Best Games of 2010 So Far

Metacritic's analysis of:

- Best reviewed cross-platform games,

- Top selling new games,

- Best reviewed exclusives for all platforms,

- Best reviewed games for all platforms,

through June 30, 2010.

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EvilBlackCat3086d ago

Those who follow Metacritic are dumb zombies

Downtown boogey3085d ago

I'd say they're relaying more on LOGIC than prejudism, conspiracies, fanboynism etc.

Spydr073086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Good list of some quality games there show promising things for all platforms. Hopefully the compiled stats are used as a good sign for gamers and not to fuel a fanboy's ego. I doubt that'll happen, tho.

When Zelda comes out, I think I'll buy the Wii, again. Anyone have recommendations on whether the new motion plus model is really worth it?

Way to give it a head start. I mean, your comment offers nothing but an intentional attempt at stirring the meaningless war. Bubble down--immature.

rumplstilts3086d ago

If you wanna play the new Zelda then you definitely wanna get the Motion plus model.

Spydr073086d ago

I played the last one on the GC. Was TP a bit choppy on the Wii? And thanks.

NeutralGamer3085d ago

I was just giving the message in words, that the guy who submitted this news was trying to say...

TheCagyDies3086d ago

I need Sin and Punishment now...

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The story is too old to be commented.