Super Paper Mario on Wii Release Date

According to, Super Paper Mario on Wii will be released September 14th in Europe.

In case you've never experienced dead-tree Mario, here's the rough idea according to Nintendo, "As with the previous two games in the Paper Mario series, all characters are as flat as a sheet of paper. However, our hero Mario can manipulate the environment around him to his benefit, opening up new paths and possibilities with the ability to 'flip' from 2D to 3D at will. This ability comes in handy throughout the game and is crucial to the progress of the player in his rescue mission."

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Vertius3884d ago

This is quite old news.

MACHone3884d ago

It's such a shame that Europe gets these games so late. Let's hope that all mentions of the word "spastic" have been removed from this version of the game.

vidoardes3884d ago

My Wii hasn't been used in months, and it's because you can only play Wii sports for so long. I love the console, but there are no decent games out for it in Europe. I'm amazed it keeps selling, everyone says the PS3 has a poor line-up but the Wii doesn't have one! I wish they would get their act together.