Interview With NCSoft Europe Marketing Manager, Veronique Lallier

SPOnG recently caught up with MMO specialists NCSoft - makers of blockbuster online PC games such as Lineage, City of Heroes and Guild Wars.

NCSoft made some major announcements at E3 this year – not least about the exclusive new partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment to make MMO games for PlayStation 3 as well as all the latest on all its forthcoming big-hitters in the online gaming sphere on PC, including the latest on Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, fantasy title Aion, new expansion pack Guild Wars: Eye of the North and the free-to-play Dungeon Runners.

Meanwhile, SPOnG spoke with NCsoft Europe's Marketing Manager, Veronique Lallier to find out more about the background of NCSoft Europe and how bringing an MMO game to market is quite a different kettle of fish to 'traditional' videogame marketing. Read on to find out what she had say.

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Lumbo3951d ago

Good and interesting interview, i did know that Linage is huge, but not that it is 43 Million huge O_o

Sadly not a single question concerning the PS3 partnership :(

kewsfraba3951d ago

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