Current US Best Sellers

Wii titles dominate the overall best sellers list while there are new top sellers in the PS3, PC, DS and PSP charts. Click through for a rundown of the overall top selling titles as well as the top tens by platform…

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Torch3949d ago


That's something that I just don't get.

ArduousAndy3949d ago

your smarter then this
wii play comes with a wiimote its the same price as a regular game. So your getting a free wiimote.

Torch3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

But it's NOT cheaper, from what I can recall (>$10 more than a stand-alone Wiimote, no?).

And if this title became available only yesterday, then yeah, I could understand. But it's been available for quite some time now...and it's beating out some truly stellar titles.

I figured that most everyone who wanted an additional remote would've bought one long before this option became available.

At least that's what I did.

MK_Red3949d ago

Wii Play being on top is logical since people get it for the controller but its a big paradox since its also really REALLY stupid and IMO its even disgusting to see that. Its a dirty Nintendo tactic to sell more. I'm sorry and I meant no one any offence but come on, anyone can see how dirty Nintendo is trying to sell more (Not giving the market enough consoles and controllers and such. And we haven't got the Zapper or WiiFit yet...)

PS360WII3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

So is this from Amazon or something? Pretty crazy all those Wii games on the all platform list.

MK I thought you were a little smarter than that. If it was only the Wii that was having shortages then maybe but you have to realize that Nintendo is trying there darndest to not only make enough Wii's for everyone but they are still trying to make enough DS's for everyone. They have 2 systems that everyone wants and everyone buys the moment it gets there plus all the accessories for each and every owner wants 4 controllers and 4 numbchucks and however many of the others. All this and everyone expects them to just handle it and how dare they not! Give me a break with the 'they are holding out' garbage because it's just them with too much to bite off right now. They were at a happy comfort at 3rd place all they needed to do was make their core audience happy and now they have 100x of demand than before, probably more.

BIadestarX3949d ago

This title couldn't be more misleading even if it tried harder...
"Current US Best Sellers" Since when = US?