How this Generation Sucks: Pixel Counting

One of the biggest gripes Bitmob has with this generation of consoles is pixel counting. No longer is it enough for an image to look crisp and invite you in with it’s lush colors and atmosphere, now gamers have found something new to bitch about.

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FangBlade3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Someone is mad because Alan Wake didnt sell :)

Blacktric3086d ago

I seriously don't like this generation too much unlike I did with the last generation. I really miss those PS,PS2 times when there were limited amount of trolls. Nowadays they are popping out of everywhere.

3086d ago
Raypture3086d ago

I agree, though not all of them are trolls, a lot of them are legit babies circlejerking over why mommy bought them a PS3 or 360.

I want my PS2 and smaller game market back, ever since games became the "in" thing with kids it feels like it's just started on a downward decline.

Blacktric3086d ago

"With two easy steps I can climb over these seats and kick your right in the f*cking balls!" - Billy Mays while he sits in Purgatory

ConanOBrien3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

My PS3 can do Blu-Ray with Killzone3D at 120FPS 1080P 8xLMAAO Stereoscopic Deferred Rendering, it's brain CELL crunch it @blistering speed. Even GT5 looks more real than real-life cars! Seriously..


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LukaX233086d ago

Ya, Gears 2, Halo 3, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 are terrible games. The gameplay is terrible as well as the graphics. WHO WILL SAVE US?!


jazzking20013085d ago

ya also those were bad horrible games lol

ConanOBrien3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Someone is mad because Microsoft IS in the generation (:

gtamike3086d ago

xbox 360 only does 560p :)

3086d ago
peowpeow3086d ago

And graphics card to 100% (unoptimized game a.k.a Metro 2033)

gtamike3086d ago

I have a gaming pc, but pc is unoptimized and because of this alot of the PS3 games look better cause they are really optimized.

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napoleon_ist3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

what are you saying? the xbox360's 1080p is definitely not true 1080p but a lame tv upscale from 720p (=rendering 720p) that's why it works with all games when the ps3's 1080p's is hardware actual rendering (that's why some games do not support it downscaling to 576p). Digital_Foundry twitted this to me months ago, ask him if you don't believe.

a simple example about that is forza 3 and gran turismo 5 prologue, gt5p is older yet graphically superior to forza 3 in terms of pixels, anti-aliansing and even on screen AI cars !

well about multiplat check ninja gaiden 2's pixels, you're late dude, now is 2010! there are a bunch of true 1080p games on ps3 like wipeout hd what about the xbox360 ?

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vhero3086d ago

I love how this wasn't a problem until people realized nearly all exclusive 360 games aren't even 720p lol. Also when PS3 was getting the ports these kind of articles weren't around now 360 getting the rough end of the stick it's like oh we finally agree people should stop complaining lol. Pot Kettle Black?

jneul3086d ago

someone is mad because alan wake does not have uncharted 2 like graphics as they all hyped it up to be, ms said x360 could keep up and alan wake was an example, well guess what that example failed

Chris_TC3086d ago

"No longer is it enough for an image to look crisp [...]"

If the image looked crisp then there would be no need to pixel count. End of story. But Sub-HD does not look crisp, so we pixel count to find out just how much below HD it is.

Anybody who hits Disagree, please slap your own face for wasting money on an HD display.

sid4gamerfreak3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Aww, dont make fun of these console fanboys. Of course theyre mad, they cant do native 1080p at 60fps with any antialiasing or any of the other stuff u said.

They already know that and r frustrated...

Billy Mays speaks the truth.

@The real killer: Wipeout HD? Lair? Wow what blockbusters/s

U should add another crap game like Sudoku to that list LOL. What happened to big tittles like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 ?

GT5 will be 1280X1080, not 1920X1080

Come back when u know more about it

ian723086d ago

I have a PC and don't really care for 1080p, 60fps and all these numbers etc.
I prefere my PS3 due to the great exclusives. Can a PC run Killzone 2/3, Heavy Rain, MAG, GOW3, GT5 etc. No it can't. I would rather be able to play most multi-plats and many exclusives that look great than play PC games I'm not too bothered about at 12000p, 540fps or whatever.
As long as my games look good I'm happy.

The real killer3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

"Hi Billy Mays here, sounds like Fangblade is also mad because his PS3/360 can't do native 1080P at over 60 FPS with any anti aliasing"

Well accoording Wipe Out HD is native 1080p also Lair and later GT5 will have native 1080p, GOW3 was also 1080p until they put it down at 720p becouse of the game engine was not fully utlized.

The 360 in other hand, no single game is native 1080p, that's why the 360 use the ANA chip to upscale to 1080p.

Come back when you know more about it .
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---------------

If someone disagree with me, Explain WHY!!!!............not just clik on the disagree you call that a discussion cliking without any explainetion. why.

GOW3 was 1080p until they scaled back to 720p before realese becouse the game engine is not fully ultilazed.

GT5 will have 1080p resolution accoording PD.
Wipe out HD is 1080p, comfirmed.
Lair is also 1080p, comfirmed.

the 360 use a ANA chip for upscale from 720p to 1080p, so it's not Native 1080p. Comfirmed.

Why the diasagree then.

ProjectVulcan3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Really, i couldnt care less when theres a few lines of pixels missing on the consoles if they are sacrificed for a good reason. HOWEVER, alan wake in particular doesnt have a few lines missing does it? Its closer to SD than HD, It has nearly HALF its resolution gone up in smoke and on a 1080p screen its bloody obvious that is the case, the whole thing is muddy and indistinct. Upscaling only does so much, it cant replace a whole bunch of lost detail. Maybe i wouldnt even mind so much if alan wake also didnt suffer slowdown and screentear its ass off every few minutes with lighting a flare etc.

I didnt buy a HD console and a HDTV to be faced with a near SD game that shows. Did you? There HAS to be a line somewhere, otherwise developers may as well give up making HD games...Thank goodness i have a gaming PC

Chris_TC3085d ago

It's not half the resolution of 1080p, it's about a quarter.
1080p has ~2 megapixels, Alan Wake has ~0.5 megapixels.

ProjectVulcan3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Indeed its just a quarter of 1080P but i was always referring to 720P as that is the 'standard' expected from current consoles and the minimum for what is currently claimed as HD. Nearly half, 40 percent less than standard 1280 x 720.

Obviously when you have 1280 x 720 on a 1920 x 1080 screen you are already upscaling the image and doubling its size, but alan wake massively increases that to four times. No wonder fine detail evaporates

Boody-Bandit3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

developers, the gaming media and fans, should stop hyping up every new game beyond reasonable expectations. All we hear is how "X" game is going to trump "Y" game in every way shape and form and nearly always failing to live up to the impossible expectations.

Sorry but this generation is filled with nothing but fanatical hypocrites. Gaming is suppose to be fun but now it is nothing but an us vs them mentality. 9 out of 10 articles are nothing but nonsense with sensationalist headlines to entice hits. What ever happened to good honest journalism? Of course besides the obvious reason. That being anyone with webspace is now considered part of the gaming media.

Incoming next title: "Why pixels counts DO matter" or "X will destroy Y and here's why" or "Who will win the war </insert next means nothing topic here> and why". Now go fetch and duke it out fanatics. I said GO FETCH! Oh but did you actually read the article? Seriously it's a decent read with some valid points. Then create a headline that supports the content!

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kratos173086d ago

is this shit we should always want better looking games or we woulld still be lookin at NES games (exageration)

now granted i know where he is coming from because too many games get knocked for not having a certian resolution but i would like to play games that look better every year

dizzleK3086d ago

nobody pixel counts besides the fanboys. the average consumer doesn't care. look at the consoles in 1st and 3rd place and tell me with a straight face that graphics actually matter.

colonel1793086d ago

You are right, fanboys, like GameTrailers. They started the lame comparison videos, that started this pixel counting BS

snowy11853086d ago

For Alan Wake's case. it's more about being eaten up by Red Dead Redemption getting superb reviews across the board, that people decided to buy RDR instead of Wake.

ape0073086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

article, gamers today seem focus more on "Nate's butt got more polygons that master chiefs armpit" or some stupid effects that no body cares about, they all seem forgetting the soul of videogames and that is ART STYLE and GAME DESIGN, art style give atmosphere to games, the trademark feeling of the game, I've seen countless arguments about rage vs crysis vs kz3, all I can se is this looks better technically than that, they forgot about the difference ( and I mean a major difference) between the world of these games and the its impact on the overall game experience

don't get me wrong, gfx are important, they push the boundaries of the team to new heights no doubt but we SHOULD NOT focus on PIXEL TO PIXEL difference unless you compare multiplatform games

Why o why3086d ago

until 'but we SHOULD NOT focus on PIXEL TO PIXEL difference unless you compare multiplatform games' That pretty much wipes out the good you said. Glaring differences should be highlighted yes but when it becomes a 'squint at screen' contest and both versions need to be labelled for us to know which is which then its pointless. Performance is far more telling. Nothing wrong with wanting better graphics though. Nobody wants to see lazy games when we all know there can be step ups in quality. Not all dev teams have the resources but technical/graphical excellence should not be frowned upon. Saying Nates pits has more polys than masters helmet (lol) may be stretching it but if you apply the point of poly's and counting of them to Gran Turismo vs Forza you can see why the numbers affect the overall look which IS noticeable. I dont NEED the numbers to see the difference but it does help me understand WHY one looks ***** than the other

ape0073086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

exact pixel to pixel multiplat comparison, sry, I know I was TOTALLY misleading here, I mean that if you have both systems, you got to look into which one looks, runs (framerate is a deal-breaker) better etc....

just like that

lol I should be more specific next time, people will not know what's inside my mind lol

my bad my bad

Why o why3086d ago

one day ill be able to read thoughts.....not there yet though;)

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