DoA, Tomb Raider "Interactive Sex" Flicks

Rule 34 tells us that if something exists, there is a porn of it. And Dead or Alive must have several dirty movies - a handful, even. At the recent, Adult Treasure Expo in Chiba, Japan adult film distributor Thrust Films decorated its booth with posters for its Tomb Raider rip-off Jewel Raider and Dead or Alive reiteration Kazami "interactive sex" flicks.

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SuperSaiyan43951d ago

Anyone know where you can buy these from? LOL!!

sticky doja3951d ago

I'm lookin for a copy as well.

SuperSaiyan43951d ago

Not sure if its on there hehehehe

Loopy3951d ago

I want to go to the expo !!!
Those girls really r0x0r your b0x0r :D