Kinect vs. Move: The Japan Perspective

If you think the rhetoric between Microsoft and Sony regarding their new console controllers was a bit heated during E3, you'll be amused to know that it's pretty much the same deal over in Japan.

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mcnablejr2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

for the win.

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XactGamer2966d ago

I think in Japan the Wii will continue to to destroy anything MS and Sony have to offer.

SprSynJn2966d ago

Since when is it destroying the competition? Until very recently the PS3 was selling the most here. That's at ¥10,000 more a pop too.

BABY-JEDI2966d ago

Have their respective pro's & cons. It's really up to the dev's to see how well each will succeed. Me?? I'm just a gamer looking for GOOD gaming experiences.

sikbeta2966d ago

The major Con for kinect in japan, got nothing to do with the device, Japanese people live in Literally Tiny Houses, that alone Defeat the purpose of playing with kinect....

Lightsaber2966d ago

well lets see there like 1 million 360 in japan and 20 million ps3 ...............geez I wonder what one will sell move.

pointless ass article

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vhero2967d ago

Kinect is really gonna come out in Japan?? I don't see the point behind it considering how many consoles are out there. Unless they trying to get Jap devs to develop for it..

ActionBastard2966d ago

MS releasing Kinect in Japan is like MS releasing Kinect at all...a bad idea.

jneul2966d ago

sorry but i think once people find out just how flawed kinect is they will all go for the move, we already know it works as advertised, personally i cannot see kinect selling well in japan

phinch2966d ago

People actually realize what games or lack of games it has It wont sell well

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The story is too old to be commented.