BBC - Preview of big video games being released in 2010

Marc Cieslak went to the world's largest video games expo E3 where he caught a glimpse of some titles due out in 2010, including Call of Duty Black Ops and Medal of Honour - both are released in the autumn.

He also has a preview of multiplayer futuristic shooter Blacklight Tango Down, zombie-slaying third-person action game Dead Rising 2, Donkey Kong Country by Nintendo, Karaoke title Def Jam Rapstar and psychedelic Children of Eden.

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Darkstorn3087d ago

Good summary of the games of 2010. God I love the BBC...

gtamike3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

That video was crap, no talk of PS3 games or Move -_-

RememberThe3573086d ago

Is Top Gear and World News the only thing BBC can do?

ChronoJoe3086d ago

Doctor Who is good too...

Cajun Chicken3087d ago

I guess looking at it, E3 was a bit rubbish. Can't wait for this 'modern' shooter fad to be over as for motion controls, they'll kill their selves, hopefully.

DarkSpawnClone3087d ago

yeah i agree every shooter has to be like modern warfare ,its getting boring i want a unrealistic shooter bulletstorm for example i want some thing crazy different sci fi ,, realistic is great but there's a tun of them now...being realistic can be a good thing but it dose get boring after a while.

doctorstrange3087d ago

But Treyarch aren't making CoD cause Infinity Ward fell out with Acti, they do CoD's every 2 years

Sheddi3086d ago

OT: What was the game that the BBC guy saw behind closed? Has it been announced? Haven't been following the gaming stage for a while... :P

Sigh3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

he confirmed it was Last Guardian behind closed doors.

3086d ago
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