Interview with Miles Jacobson: Football Manager 2008

Spong interviews Miles Jacobson about Football Manager 2008.

So, what is new in Football Manager 2008?

Miles Jacobson: As always, we've piled a lot in – there are over 100 new features. But we've looked at the game this year in two different ways. We did a lot of usability studies last year, which is something we haven't really done before – with both new users and experienced users. Some of the team have been concentrating on improving the game for new users, so there are a lot of changes in the interface – it's a lot cleaner and easier to use.

We've also added an Advisor system which is a little bit like that paperclip in Microsoft Word, but not as annoying. If you're stuck on a screen for an amount of time, it will try to work out what you're trying to do, and then say: "Are you trying to do this?". You can click on it and, if you are trying to do what it suggests, it will make the buttons flash, showing where you need to go. There are also a lot more buttons on news items – because with a lot of the features in the game, like referee league tables, people don't know they're there.

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BIadestarX3921d ago

So, the xbox 360 gets another time exclusive or exclusive...

SuperSaiyan43921d ago

Come on, who edited my topic? LOL fair dues.

This ones probably exclusive last the last 2 I think.

Either way doesnt bother me personally i think this isnt even a game more like a waste of time.