Rumor: Lair gets a 9 from Edge Magazine and Gamezone

According to an un-named source, two reputable gaming magazines/websites have reviewed Lair and have each given it 9 out of 10. EDGE magazine is one of the these sites which reviewed Lair and gave it a score of 9 out of 10.

Gamezone, the other publishing website that also reviewed Lair and gave it a score of 9 out of ten. According to the un-named source, they label the game as having a "unique experience "

While this has not been confirmed yet, the availability of EDGE magazine and Gamezone will be available in a few days in which we will know if this rumor is true.

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Balance3886d ago

now people are posting rumors about rumors? game magazines by definition suck and their online counter parts are not far behind. if people really want to dwell on what score some reviewer gives the game then so be it but do we really need to rile up the fanboys with rumors about what scores a game got? just wait till the scores come out first.

TheExecutive3886d ago

well... its a rumor. IF its true then these are good scores, and definitely coming from EDGE. These scores alone plus the 75% that gamepro gave makes the EGM 5.5 very suspect. But to each his own.
I also agree that game magazines suck, I will get this and pry love it.

riksweeney3886d ago

Edge is a very harsh magazine when it comes to reviews. I doubt that they would have given it more than a 5.

Wile3886d ago

Where do you get 5 from?

riksweeney3886d ago


I pulled it out of the Sorting Hat... OK, 5 might be a little low, but anyone that reads Edge knows that they don't exactly mark generously.

I'd be very shocked if this rumour was true.

mighty_douche3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

you shouldnt believe evrything you read (especally on the net) and judge a game on someone else's review, example, i rate capcom vs snk as one of the best fighting games but some of my mates would review it as crap, do yourself a favour, if in an doubt go pick up a rental copy on release and judge it for yourself!

edit @ kevoncox
your right but im not starting a thread about street fighter im just pointing out that people have different opinions..... NOOB!!!

kevoncox3886d ago

I own the game and it is not one of the best fighting games( coming from a huge Streetfight fan). Most of the fighters are unbalanced. The fighitng styles are unbalanced and the sprites look terrible.

krackchap3886d ago

if those scores are indeed true and lair gets positive reviews from ign and gamespot etc then EGM will lose all its credibility

Panthers3886d ago

EGM has already done so with me. Looking at gameplay and reading reviews from individuals who have played has led me to believe that EGM is full of Nintendo loving retards.