8 new Stuntman: Ignition screenshots leap dangerously into view

The new screenies are looking fantastic, showing off the title's wintry environments in all their splendour. And what better way to accentuate the natural beauty of an expansive snowy plain than to create a giant playground ripe for motorcycle chases, hovercraft explosions, firing missiles from helicopters and other such acts of craziness?

That's Hollywood, baby.

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Mr Murda3947d ago

I played the demo and there is nothing "great" about this game, but the Stuntman series is a guilty pleasure for me. Controls are just "good enough" to get by and enjoy the missions and the graphics are just average, but the missions are great for a fun challenge.

Yeah, I'll probably buy this game.....don't make fun of me.

devi8i3947d ago

Yeah, I will probably buy this as well. It was one of the first games my wife and I actually played together. The first Stuntman was in no way a great game in the graphics or controls, but for some strange reason I could not put it down....guilty pleasure indeed....I just never let any of my friends see me play it hehe

JPomper3947d ago

I really enjoyed the demo, but did anybody else think the replay cameras were too generic and not very cinematic? They just zoomed in on the car the entire time, instead of having actual movie positions set up.

Mr Murda3947d ago

The first Stuntman on PS2 seemed to be WAY better in the cinematics department. I was disappointed in the demo in regards to the replay cinematics, however I think the controls were better with this version compared to the previous one.

Daz3947d ago

Hope thay got the stunt park editor like stuntman 1.

mintrieri3947d ago

I actually loved the demo and recommend trying it to anyone who hasn't played it yet. Cheers.