New Super Smash Brothers Item Revealed - Pitfall

The latest Super Smash Brothers Brawl game item revealed is Pitfall. Pitfall originates from Animal Crossing. The Pitfall is buried in the ground and it disappears. Whenever a player walks over the spot is is buried, that player falls through the map and gets stuck.

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AcidRhain3951d ago

i'm a nerd and i love the animal crossing fanchise... would be kinda neat if they have an animal crossing character as a payable. maybe they use like a shovel and a bug net as melee weaponry. hmmmm.

Hellgiver3951d ago

Sweet, like the motion sensor bomb, or w/e it was once called but your beating will be determined once someone sees you there. Could be deadly if a jigglypuff sees you there with over 28% o.O