Rumor: Konami Dates MGS4, Still Considering Multi-Platform

An insider in Japan who attended Konami's analyst meeting today passed along this info:
• Metal Gear Solid 4's exact release date will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show.
• President Fumiaki Tanaka of Konami Digital Entertainment stated that release is likely Q4 March 8
• President Tanaka also stated, "As we are aware of the popularity and hardware-driving power of this software franchise, going forwards we are open to taking this franchise across to other platforms."

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SuperSaiyan43882d ago


What I dont understand is from what I read Sony was 'assisting' Konami in the way of funding for MGS4 now if this is true then why on earth would Sony sit back and allow the game to go multi platform? It sounds a bit stupid.

Anyways when is TGS? I hope its soon as I cant wait AGAIN for it to be confirmed PS3 only.

But if Konami go ahead and say PS3 and 360...Then oh boy I dont think I will want to come back here for a very long time...

Hatchetforce3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

An insider? An insider? "Our super duper top secret source tells us...."

Expect a clarification on this shortly as I am sure Sony is going to add this to the BS Shame Kim comments and get Konami to issue a statement.

The problem is people do not know how to translate Japanese. They aren't talking about MGS4. They are talking about future MG games. Stupid gaijin reporting this info should be skewered. The problem is also morons like the guys that run Kotaku.

bung tickler3882d ago

MGS4 will be ps3 only, MGSO will be ps3/360. if this wasnt the internet i would bet $100.

ArduousAndy3882d ago

Guys look. At first these rumors were great, the possibility of this game going to the 360 would have been a nail to the ps3. However since Peter Moore and Hideo Kojima have both stated its PS3 only. Can we please let this rumor die?

How about we make a deal.

Lets stop posting MGS4 multi-platform rumors on N4G.
Lets only post definitive news on this game. If it comes to the 360 then lets post that story when its an official press release. Not some rumor of a rumor from some mole hiding under the table in a board meeting.

codeazrael3882d ago

This has been one of the biggest debates I have seen on this site, even more than bluray vs. hd dvd............will Metal Gear go cross platform or not. But you know, I have a more interesting question that may indicate sales for MGS4. Metal Gear Solid 3 was sold somewhat close to when or even after 100 million ps2 have been sold, so my question is, how many copies did that game sell with such a large installed base, certainly much larger than what the ps3 has? I ask because I never heard of any records being broke, and yet they had that huge installed base to sell to, and from what I understand, MGS3 was a damn fine addition to the series. So really, even if by release date Sony has over 10 million ps3's sold by then, at best, only half of those guys will buy MGS4, and saying half is being unrealistically generous, look at Gears of War, it has sold over 4 million copies and that was an insanely hyped game, as well as the best looking and fun. And this is the number of copies sold even though now there are over 12 million 360's sold. If you are truly a fan of MGS and you want Hideo Kojima to prosper for all of his hard work, why do you not want him and Konami to make more money by porting this game to the 360, which by the sounds of it, it's already well into it port? Plus, this Tanaka guy is in Kojima's boss, not the other way around. It is not up to Hideo Kojima to decide whether or not this game will be ported. Just like with music artists, they sign agreements to where even if they write a song, that song can be a hit, yet it belongs to the record company. So, if the record company want to, they can do whatever they want with said property, much like Konami can do with MGS. The thing is that is so hard to ignore the cry from people wanting to give you their millions of dollars for an IP that you don't have to develop from scratch. I can go on all day, but I reckon you guys get the point...............P.S. My iPhone just died on me............................ .FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUC€CCCCCC CCKKKKKK!!

tehcellownu3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Seriously this is gettin retarded there is no mgs in the works for been confirmed ps3 exclusive and this damn rumor never dies..i say burn(flame) all the people who post this type of many rumors do we need to freaken READ!!!

i Shank u3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

• President Tanaka also stated, "As we are aware of the popularity and hardware-driving power of this software franchise, going forwards we are open to taking this franchise across to other platforms."

• President Fumiaki Tanaka of Konami Digital Entertainment stated that release is likely Q4 March 2008

HES PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY! he makes the buisness decisions, Kojima makes the games, im not some fanboy so dont flame me for this. but damnit, these are the words of Konami's president, so you can bet something MGS will be going to platform besides PS3. accept it or lie to yourselves but its a good thing not a negative if true.

Umbrella Corp3881d ago

i love mgs4 but i want ff13 to go multiplatform know what make every ps3 game multiplatform im sure sony wont mind : )

nasim3881d ago

since x360 is dead in both EU and JAPAN.

In NA also ps3 has overtaken x360 in terms of sales.

KONAMI wont take the risk of bringing it to x360 and lose millions of dollars

Staircase3880d ago

After Kojima (God) leaves konami, they will continue making Metal Gear games, and those may go multi platform. MGS4 however, will stay exclusive.

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Omega Kaze3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

As much as I want mgs to go multi platform I dont want this article to be released! To many people arguing for no purpose. Lets just leave it, if it goes to the 360 then have news say "MGS4 Confirmed to go to the 360" but if not then no more rumours and leave it.

bung tickler3882d ago

tool kicks ass ive seen them in concert like 6 times.

Omega Kaze3882d ago

Yeah they are freaking amazing (ive only seen them 3 times :(...)

Omegasyde3881d ago

Tool is awesome, they deserve their own game. This MGS4 crap is so, last month. Give it a break. Katuku only put that articles up to get hits to their sites. And they hate Sony.

TriggerHappy3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

The rumor that never dies. Carry on, i will be in the corner reading the comments and lol'ing in the corner.

MaximusPrime3882d ago

You better not release it for xbox 360.
MGS was born on PS and it dies on PS3.

Konami, you dont want to print multiple copies of DVD for just one game? Bluray is the only answer.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3882d ago

MGS was on NINTENDO 1st.

but it`s not going anyway where now.

MaximusPrime3882d ago

i meant 3d MGS not 2d. But thanks for letting me know. i knew it was released on Nitendo.

tonsoffun3882d ago

Wasn't it on the MSX to?

erosevaporator3882d ago

Metal Gear was on the nes. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was on the NES...Metal gear SOLID was born on the playstation. Thus, Metal Gear SOLID was never on the NES. When trying to act like you know what you are talking about, please do a tad bit of research. The metal gear mythos may have started on the NES, but the SOLID versions of the games were started on sony's platform. I don't care where it goes, I just wanna play it, whether I have to switch discs or not. Too bad Hot Topic doesn't sell history books, maybe then all the "retro gamers" would know where their games originated....trendy bastards.

VirusE3882d ago

The story of metal gear solid started on the nes. Sorry to burst your bubble but many of the events talked about in MGS 1 happened in metal gear.


Metal Gear series was born on MSX as a "war game" that Konami asked for Kojima.

The game was later ported to NES in an american version which, by the way, Kojima don't have or want ANY credits, cause it's sucks.

Lol... I remember back when I got my father's MSX and put it to gaming, I have two, a Microsoft/ASCII (japanese) MSX1 and a Sony MSX2 upgraded to a MSX2+ by DDX brazilians kits, there was already most powerful PCs out there, but I'd really love those two. Geez, I'm 20 years and already feels old!

VirusE3882d ago

Yes it was on the msx first but it gained zero popularity until the nes version was released. I was unaware that kojima didn’t want his name attached to it. I thought it was snakes revenge that he had issues with since he wasn’t involved in making the game. I loved metal gear and solid barrows a TON from the game. Solid is very obviously a direct continuation of the game. It is simply metal gear with more cinemas in 3d. You have keycards, exclamation points, hiding, the same menu bars for weapons and equipment, grey fox, smokes, big boss, Campbell, metal gears, tons of radio communications, similar boss structure, remote controlled missiles and the list just keeps going.

erosevaporator3882d ago

Whether or not Metal Gear SOLID was premiered on the NRS. Yes, I own the msx copy. Yes, I own the NES, and succeeding copies on the GC, Xbox, whatnot....however, all he was saying was that metal gear SOLID started on the playstation. It did. Now, the Metal Gear story was on everything else, and yes, it is a continuation....however, it is still not MGS. Just MG. I know it's a jackassy thing to say, and sounds snotty as all hell, but I hate it when people overlook the OBVIOUS. to further point it out, the obvious here is that the first metal gear SOLID game was on the ps1.

Daishi3881d ago

Just to throw it out there the PS was originaly a cd drive for nintendo's system so technically MG Solid was born on the Nintendo but was "ported" to the PS before it came out...

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