Sega Talks VF5 Online, Wii, Imperialism - "All three consoles have got the right materials for success"

Next-Gen recently spoke with Sega's Scott Steinberg, who explained his statements about Wii's (lack of) longevity, why PS3 users were stiffed on Virtual Fighter 5 online and Sega's colonization of the Western world.

Steinberg explains that in fact Sega is currently balancing its portfolio quite evenly between all major platforms, including PC. Right now, the firm isn't banking on one sole platform.

"Are we placing bets [on one particular platform]? No one can tell right now who'll 'win.' It's still too early. All three consoles have got the right materials for success. That alchemy is there across all three different platforms. I guess that's being defined a bit differently with Nintendo, but they definitely have their own consumer-oriented track, which we think is great. So I think from a third-party publisher's standpoint it's not wise to make bets right now that don't include all three consoles."

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DiLeCtioN3979d ago

how hard isit to mak a game online?

InMyOpinion3979d ago

Depends on what platform you are developing for.

LeShin3979d ago

Yeah, I bought VF5 and I've hardly played it as there's no-one that wants to play me! Most of my friends hate VF5, so I was a bit miffed when they said it would have no online play. Then I got extremely pissed when I hear that it will now have online play for another console.
Well, that is the last Virtual Fighter game i'm going to buy, i'm about to trade it in for more worthwhile game. Bring on Tekken:DR online, Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken 6!
Kiss my ass Sega!

Violater3979d ago

And no more Sega games for me.
They could have at least made an online patch for the game.

Funky Town_TX3979d ago

You knew it had no online when you wasted $60 on it.

SuperSaiyan43979d ago

I wasnt going to buy this for the 360 but since it has online now I will get it! Looks and seems to play better than DOA.

PS360WII3979d ago

I don't know man. DOA I find a much better and responsive than VF or Tekken for that matter. I'm not sure how Sega is going to do the online but that was one thing I disliked about DOA4. Hate that dang lobby wish it was more like fight night online.

PS360WII3979d ago

"They’re perfectionists, I guess is probably a better way to say it" he said about their development team for VF5... and yet as perfectionists they have no problem releasing a rushed game for the PS3 launch windown without online play. Oh yea that's perfectionism at it's finest..

Sevir043979d ago

people these day just seem to contradict them self so much. Sega better be making a patch for this on PSn come this time because seriously the 360 crappy p2p connection is lagtastically boooooooooooged not bogged but booooooooooooooged down. especially in games like Halo and gears. and rainbow six.. and other games... but this is blatantly rushed. and though i still play VF5, online on the PS3 with dedicated servers would have been better

SuperSaiyan43979d ago

Yep that is very true and in some was two faced just like when he made negative comments about the Wii and then said 'Did I say that?'

What an idiot.

But to be fair they probably just found it easier to make a game online playable on the Xbox 360 with Xbox Live they are the developer so its up to them what they do I guess.

However if they are indeed perfectionists then why not bring out a patch to make the PS3 one online playable?

The only thing putting me off getting the PS3 version was the fact it had no online play.

So all in all if they had took a bit longer they would have gotten my money and many other peoples as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.