Lair Gets 3.75/5 (A) from Gamepro Magazine

The latest review from another gaming website, Gamepro gives Lair 3.75/5 (A).In a blog post by the one of the developers yesterday, he urges gamers to give the controls of Lair a chance. The reviews about Lair has been creating quiet a buzz recently in the gaming community ; hopefully, this new review will nullify some of the negativity surrounding this game.

Pros: Gorgeous graphics, amazing orchestral soundtrack, dragon based action is fun.

Cons: The decision to use a SixAxis only control scheme hurts more than it helps.

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Zhuk3920d ago

75% is better but still disappointing for what was suppose to be a killer app

HowarthsNJ3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

These guys are just not good at using the motion control.

It's just another skill gamers will have to learn. Tilt boards will be available for all consoles soon.


boodybandit3920d ago

Where was it ever written that this was going to be a killer app? There are a couple games coming out this year for the PS3 that have a chance of being rated at the 90 percentile. The the score I judge AAA but I still wouldn't come out and call it a Killer App.

IMO a killer app is a game that moves consoles. Lair was never even on most peeps radar, that I know of, that was calling Lair a killer app. Personally These types of games just don't appeal to me (Panzer Dragoon type). Now if Warhawk (this is the only flying game I am interested in), Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank get low scores I'll be be disappointed.

Zhuk3920d ago

well it was on nearly every knowledgeable PS3 owners to buy list (myself included, but its looking disappointing right now, it wont reach the heights of the Panzer Dragoon series) I know plus there was considerable hype from the Sony camp on N4G if you peruse through some comments, but i'll dig up an article that says killer app so your happy :)

Hell-Reaver3920d ago

Everyone wants next gen gaming, well tilt motion is next gen, thats why they made the dragon only controllable by the sixaxis. Yes it's going to be differnt from the regular ways of control. But the game designers wanted to give us ps3 owners a new and differnt experience.

I think the bad reviews are based on people's decisions that they dont like change.

I'm open minded about the game, the visuals look great, and really i'm the only one i care about when it comes to liking the game or not. I'm certainly not going to cancel my pre-order because some people review it badly.

I'm still looking forward to this stellar title, and can't wait to get my hands on it!

TheSadTruth3920d ago

It's not that they don't like change.. it's just that it was horribly designed. Two different things.

nasim3919d ago

from some other gaming mags/websites.

GAMNEPRO has also given it an A.

GAMEPRO further said that they reviewed an OLD BUILD.

some cites like CVG really liked the controls. Some didnt .

NOTE:_ GAMEPRO reviewed an "OLD BUILD".

GRAPHICALLY LAIR trashes even GEARS/any other game till date

wait for more reviews

hazeblaze3919d ago

They stated that the sixaxis controls were accurate... just tiring to use. So I think it's more a case of them not being use to sixaxis use.

For those of us that took part in Warhawk... there were some that didn't like the sixaxis (and had the choice to use analogs instead). But personally, I just practiced and became a pro at it. All it takes is getting used to it! If Warhawk is an example, it's definitely funner to play using motion controls (in the air anyway... motion controls on the ground sucked in Warhawk too).

Omegasyde3919d ago

Seriously, playing with the 6 axis takes skill. Unfortunately not alot of people have the patience to "learn". They don't have the "testicular fortitude" to grab the bull by the horns and stay with it.

Incognito was smart enough to make it optional and reward the players with more movement and precise aiming for those who game it a chance.

Motorstorm was more enjoyable, but since you crash constantly anyways..peoples patiences can only last so long.

This game seems like it was the right catalyst in which would make the 6axis more appreciated. 6axis isn't halfbad just the learning curve is great. Not only that designers are inputting 6 axis controls on the stupidiest little "gimicks"(rainboy 6 snake cam?) as if Sony made it standard for every publisher to have at least 1 thing controlled by 6axis...

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Chava3920d ago

i said this would end up dissapointing from day one.

MaximusPrime3920d ago

Im not interested in what the critics say.

Im interested in the game itself. (btw - i've played the demo and it was fantastic.)

Figboy3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

damn i love that Prairie Dog.

cracks me up every time.

*edit: oh yeah, and on topic, i'll just wait until i can judge the game for myself.

take for example, the game Second Sight, from Codemasters.

it got pretty mediocre reviews (though an average score of 75 from Metacritic, which isn't too shabby), and the majority of the complaints were that the controls weren't quite hot, and not as smooth as Psi-Ops, which had a similar Psionic power play style.

but i absolutely *LOVED Second Sight, and own it. the story in that game is amazing, and the powers are pretty cool, if with sometimes dodgy controls.

Indigo Prophecy is the same way. some of my friends don't get why me and others love it, but we do.

Lair seems like it's going to be a love/hate game.

some folks will dig it. other's won't.

but i'll hold off until i can feel it in my hands myself.

i had no interest in Warhawk one iota once it went online only, until i got in the Beta and gave it a try. now it's a day one purchase.

Please, everyone, judge something by your own standards and tastes, not anyone elses.

Danielson3919d ago

Were did you get a hold of the demo, and was it any good!

rogimusprime3919d ago

at comic con. It was there the whole time and I had to wait quite a while to get my hands on it. Heavenly sword was there as well and looked great too, but didn't get a chance to play it. If you want to talk about mediocrity, you should have seen the crap M$ had on display.

the_round_peg3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

It's better to look at the overall consensus of many reviews. If 2 reviews say it's average, but all other 98 reviews gives it 90% and over, then it's still a killer app.

So. Wait.

FirstknighT3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Yeah this game had alot of hype and looks to be just a good/average game. Definitely not a AAA title like most sonyboys boasted about.

But we'll see what gamerankings gives it in about a month when it gets more reviews. The overall average is what counts.

But it is definitely starting to show that the 6-axis was a mistake for Sony.

Shadow Flare3920d ago

The sixaxis controller gives the option to use either normal controls OR motion sensing. The mistake was this game not giving the option to use the two. No mistake with the controller itself. I personally think flying with the sixaxis is frickin brilliant and really refreshing