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Chaostar2880d ago

It looks like a totally different game!

Will this be implemented into multiplayer?

Lionhead2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Oh man, that would be kind of cool actually. If there was a mode focused around this.

I doubt it though.

Can't wait for Sept 14th =D

2880d ago
van-essa2880d ago

You mad, you can't play it. :p

2FootYard2880d ago

You aren't a very good troll.

despair2880d ago

you never know they might implement a new gameplay mode just for air combat, maybe assault and defence.

-Alpha2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Doubt it's coming to Multiplayer, but note that we haven't seen much of the Single Player. I am sold on the multiplayer, but I want to see them pulling out all the stops for this game. Heavy GOTY 2010 contender next to LBP2 for me.

Wish they showed some SP at E3, some actual single player content. Was so upset to see Bungie/Halo pretty much ignored for Kinect.

Lionhead2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Who knows though they add great new game modes and features in every Halo

Forge and Firefight are amazing additions to this gen of Halo.

I remember seeing that video with the chess game mode, even though it was a joke, that would have been awesome IMO haha

Glad there is finally Spartans v Elites though, epic Big Team Battles are to ensue =D

SixZeroFour2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

they said that the space combat was only one part of the campaign AND ONLY ONE PART :( (no backtracking) and it WONT be in multiplayer...however, there is RACE as a new multiplayer gametype apparently, which checkpoint style racing...might be able to use hornets and banshees in there as well

EDIT: btw, those graphics were marvelous...i have a small feeling that they are trying to gain experience with spacebattle for their next ip with activision..they almost never do anything "new" (in relation to their own games) without implementing it if future games, even if it doesnt have to do with halo...i think they did the same with their previous ip's, and added those features in some way to halo games

I cant wait to play that with 4 player coop on of the employees said he took 5 hours alone and couldnt beat it in the last weekly update

Lionhead2880d ago

Oh alright, thanks.

It's still in coop though I assume

HolyOrangeCows2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Finally some more gameplay of this.

The enemy doesn't put up much of a fight...

Fanb0y2880d ago

Bungie said so space combat in multiplayer.

DirtyLary2879d ago

Probably a super secret game mode they will drop a bomb with right before release.

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Hanif-8762880d ago

This would be a heavy "Game Of The Year 2010" contender if they used this in multiplayer. It would offer some diversity, so that it wouldn't get boring fast... not that a Halo game could anyways :-)

SixZeroFour2880d ago

with regular multiplayer, firefight, and race...i think there will be plenty to do in reach...ESPECIALLY when its all customizable (but prolly not matchmake-able when in custom game)

i know for sure im gunna have plenty of fun with invasion and firefight for sure

jack_burt0n2880d ago

No it wont heard at E3 it will be coop though.

catguykyou2880d ago

They already said it's 4 player coop.

EVILDEAD3602880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Wish they showed some SP at E3, some actual single player content. Was so upset to see Bungie/Halo pretty much ignored for Kinect.

Did you even watch Microsoft's E3 presentation?..the single player is ALL the showed on stage. That was the first time we even saw the space footage.

They even had a seperate show for the game..and showed Firefight 2.0 on the floor for the media outlets.

Halo Reach was given the same amount of time on this years E3 stage as any conference in the history of E3.

Just like Gear of War 3 etc..just because they had a big presentation for Kinect that doesnt change the fact that it was shown..

As for everyone else..i'm with them..the space battle would have been an amazing addition to multiplayer..but I'll take everything from the Beta and Firefight 2.0 just fine..


beans2880d ago

Looks and sounds really good. Can't wait!:)

otherZinc2880d ago

Absolute Day 1 Purchase!

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Omega42880d ago

Serious GOTY contender.

Looks to have heaps of variety.

TheColbertinator2880d ago

I disagree.Mass Effect 2 easily took the cake this year at the first month

BannedForNineYears2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Definitely not a GOTY contender.

RockmanII72880d ago

ME2 was good, but Halo is way out there. That said, my 2 favorite things about a video games is customization and FPS's. I think with Halo Reach, LBP2, SMG2, RDR, GoW3, and possibly others ME2 will be lucky to be nominated.

ASSASSYN 36o2879d ago

There is pleny of good games coming out that could easily be GOTY.

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Prcko2880d ago

huh i am not impressed,it's casual fight,nothing what i didn't saw in some another space games

dgroundwater2880d ago

Yeaaah no. Truth is, Bungie's first attempt at a flight shooter will be better than 90% of games in the genre.

NecrumSlavery2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

It looks ok. I am not flipping a lid over this. But the change of scenery is great. And a MP mode with dogfights in space would be awesome. These space fights don't feel epic though. They look like regular flying levels, but in space. Kind of a mini game between planets. Don't stealth troll me, I'm getting it. It's just not making me cancel any preorders for this.

TheColbertinator2880d ago

Reach is looking refreshing,very good

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