FIFA 08: four-player co-op "only the beginning"

Speaking to CVG, last-gen producer Paul Hossack said the four-player co-op mode, which has gamers controlling a single player on the pitch, is just a small preview of what's to come.

It's "only the beginning," he said. "One thing we aspire to get to is an 11 vs. 11 online scenario. That's not something we're delivering this year, but what you have in Be a Pro co-op season is a really good first step, because to get to 11 vs. 11 we have to make sure that people start off on the right foot and get used to playing together as one player."

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SofaKingReetodded3887d ago

this should definitely be interesting, I just wonder if it will turn into a fight to see who controls the big names in the sport.

Havince3887d ago

pro evo 2008 said they are doing 11 vs 11

DiLeCtioN3887d ago

if they are doing that...that means new online features like clans groups will be there,cant wait.

SofaKingReetodded3887d ago

employ sixaxis to maneuvre your player in an expanded version of the over the should style cam so you can actually see the ball aswell.

omansteveo3886d ago

EA! Try bringing back the ability to do 2-players on the same team in Madden and NCAA

kg053886d ago

i want 5 on 5 hockey, it should b compatible this year, i hope seeing as though u can have 4-players in the past...maybe 10 now?....

on another note, football is alright with multi-player, i dont like it much on offense but defense owns when u have 2 ppl in control.