Blockbuster to Expand Blu-Ray to 1,700 Stores

Company will continue to offer HD DVD titles online and in select number of stores

In response to the growing demand for high-definition DVDs, Blockbuster Inc. today announced that it is rolling out an expanded Blu-ray disc inventory for rental to 1,700 corporate-owned BLOCKBUSTER stores by mid-July. The Company will continue to offer both Blu-ray and HD DVD titles through its online rental service,, and will continue to offer both formats at its initial 250 stores that currently carry both high-definition formats

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Chava3953d ago

yet another reason to own a ps3...

ArduousAndy3953d ago

not the ps3 comment.
But the take off comment. This is a press release from way back in June. So this is the same story as before.

SuperSaiyan43953d ago

What about those that are just interested in movies and not playing games.

The major disadvantage is the PS3's 2x speed blu-ray drive whereas blu-ray players will or have hit 6x speed or higher.

At the end of the day you can stock more films depending on which format has what.

I support HD-DVD even though I have the add-on for my 360 and a PS3 - the only decent blu-ray film so far is Casino Royale.

After watching Underworld 2 on blu-ray and the absolute terrible quality Terminator 2 blu-ray is nothing but storage space.

For quality the WOW factor is HD-DVD.

Mr Murda3953d ago

It's hard to make those kind of comments on this site, cause everyone thinks that Blu-Ray is the "end all, be all". I'll give you a bubble for giving your honest opinion.

I also own both a PS3 and the HD DVD add-on. My personal experience so far has been that HD DVD is a better format, at least for now. The features and even picture quality is better, not a whole lot better...but better. I agree that Casino Royale, and even the POTC movies are the best Blu-Ray experience right now. I'm looking forward to 300 though on HD DVD...TODAY!!!

I believe that Blu-Ray has the clear advantage to win the next gen disc format, simply cause it has positioned itself correctly in aligning with the majority of studios and PC manufacturers. However, nothing is decided yet and we won't fully know what's going to happen in this "war" for another couple of years. As far as we know, both of these formats could go the way of SACD and DVD Audio, which is nowhere.

pts3953d ago

This news is from June 18th..

tudors3953d ago

there are no HDDVD listings on there website.

ENNO3953d ago

LOL i cant believe this got approved...and i posted it!!

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