Triumph responds: working on new 360, PS3 and PC game

InsideGamer contacted Triumph Studios in Delft, to ask if Overlord is going to be ported to the PlayStation 3. Lennart Sas, co-founder of Triumph Studios, said that there are ''currently no plans to bring Overlord to the PlayStation 3'' and that Triumph is working on ''an unannounced project'' for which they need a PlayStation 3-programmer to port their engine.

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bung tickler3953d ago

they need to fix their game stopping bug in overlord before they go working on something else the jerks...

ElementX3953d ago

I like Overlord. Speaking of "Playstation 3-programmer to port their engine" I think they're going to need more than one ;) lol.

FCOLitsjustagame3953d ago

Overlord is a 360\PC game that is a cross between Pikmin and Fable. It is great fun. You get to be an overlord and control 4 types of minions to solve puzzles, rebuild your tower and defeat the 7 heros who destroyed the old overlord.

The game stoping bug is easy to avoid if you are aware of it. I didnt even come across it before I was aware of it due to how I play games for long stretches. However a patch and some downloadable content would be welcome. I have put in over 90 hours with this game and will happily put in more.