Ono teasing something bigger than Super Street Fighter IV

Yoshi Ono, who most recently finished working on Super Street Fighter IV seems to be teasing something that is bigger than that title.

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Valay3063d ago

You've got to love teases like these. Watch it be an art book or something!

Rock Bottom3063d ago

This is probably the best time for fighting games fans since the Dreamcast days.

Reibooi3063d ago

My guess is it's either a new Street Fighter Like Alpha 4 which would be a big as the Alpha games have always been bigger.

Or and I hope this is it. It could be Darkstalkers.

TotalPS3Fanboy3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Street Fighter Alpha 4

or please, dear Lord, NO...

Street Fighter: The Legnd of Chun-Li - The Game Starring Bison as a Business Man

UnSelf3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Capcom vs Their Customers: The Fight for Originality

Kamikaze1353063d ago

Capcom hasn't released their 10 in development Street Fighter IV sequels.

TheColbertinator3063d ago

Super Alpha Turbo Street Fighter 4 HD Remix

Now with 3 new characters.DLC later this month starting at $3.99

kingjoker343063d ago

Ultra mega super street fighter IV.

DRiX3062d ago

but it's actually

Super Alpha Turbo Street Fighter 4 HD 3D Remix

peowpeow3062d ago

Super EX-Alpha Turbo Street Fighter 4 HD 3D Remix: 4th Strike

Spydr073063d ago

*Choo Choo*
All aboard the hype train!

jonboi243063d ago

Capcom vs Marvel vs DC vs SNK vs Mortal Kombat vs Square-Enix vs Tatsunoko vs Shounen Jump vs Konami vs Tecmo vs Clamp vs Dark Horse vs Shoujo Beat vs UFC vs Namco Bandai vs Platinum Games vs Nintendo vs Sony vs Microsoft vs Rare vs PS Move vs Kinnect vs Playboy vs........

Chaylon3063d ago

ROFL, you just made my day

peowpeow3062d ago

How did playboy come into this? hahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.