Sony Online to Reveal New Game at Fan Faire

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that they will unveil a new online game at their annual Fan Faire this weekend, which takes place at the Rio hotel on the Vegas strip. The game will then launch later in August.

Company president John Smedley -- who, in a vaguely disconcerting attempt to endear him to fans, is referred to as "Smed" in the press release -- will unveil the game to the over 1000 MMO fans in attendance during his opening remarks on Friday, August 3, at 5:30 PM PDT. Attendees will get the first chance to demo the game.

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Zhuk3918d ago

i might be in a minority saying this but, i'd really really dig a remake of Planetside for the PS3

BIadestarX3918d ago

No, you wouldn't be the first one... I was one of those paying the super high montly fee to play that game... I just hope they don't change that much if they do.

Wingen3918d ago

Pleeeeeease, let it be a PlanetSide-related game! One of the best MMO's I've ever played - I miss those epic battles!

paracardium3918d ago

maybe a new version of everquest


I would also bet in a Everquest for PS3... Since the PS3 was revealed, 'Online' and 'Sony' on the same paragraph always means Everquest for me... I was hoping that before they announced The Agency... But it can be anything, since it can be even a new franchise.

Daxx3918d ago

I think I might know what it is. Wasn't BioWare working on something for SOE? Because they mentioned that they had 3 projects going on at the same time. One of them was Mass Effect but the other two still haven't been revealed.

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