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The Ten Scariest Game Monsters

NowGamer celebrates the monsters that made you play from behind the sofa. Maybe... (Final Fantasy VII, Forbidden Siren, LocoRoco, Metal gear solid 2, PS2, PSP, Silent Hill 2, Xbox)

player-1  +   1854d ago
Come on. This is like the 1800 article in the past few months about scary stuff in games stuff. I'll approve it but geez..
FishCake9T4  +   1854d ago
Metal Gear Ray????
Snake and Raiden eat Metal Gears for fun.
George Sears  +   1854d ago
Really? Because Solidus took 6 or so with ease (plus one man controlled releasing its payload) . No rocket launchers needed.
NecrumSlavery  +   1854d ago
What is that big bitch that chases you in Gears? When you're running away and you spin around only having seconds to roll out of the way before she crushes you. That's some scary shit.

Also the clown in heavy rain that gives Jason the balloon at the beginning. Thinking of it sends chills down my spine.
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poopface1  +   1854d ago
The scariest thing ever was MR. X from RE2
Because hes only on the 2nd playthrough with Leon and you dont expect it. He smashes throught the wall, and you have already played that part once, so you dont expect it. When he gets close he bashes the shit outa you. that was scary.
Nike  +   1854d ago
Sephiroth isn't a monster and neither is Metal Gear Ray. And can the T-Rex from Tomb Raider be classified as a "monster"? "Monster" seems like a sweeping generalization for some of the characters mentioned.

Surprised he didn't at least mention one of the following (if we're going by how scary they are):

1. Nemesis, Tyrant and Licker (Resident Evil series)
2. ReDead (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
3. Doll Factory boss (Condemned 2)
4. Anything from Dead Space
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Galaxia  +   1854d ago
I agree, can't believe nothing from Dead Space or the classic RE games was mentioned.

Not even Nemesis. How disappointing. WTF is MG Ray and Sephiroth doing on this list as well.
Coolmanrico  +   1854d ago
I can't believe it either. There are thing much scary then a chainsaw man in the Resident Evil series.
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Snakefist30  +   1854d ago
Sephiroth Rulzz
This article is Bullsh*t Sephiroth no monster.Even though hes cruel,but aint a monster!!!

Sephiroth is the best character ive ever seen the style,the talking everthing rulz.He is the best villian character iv ever seen.
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T9X69  +   1854d ago
I don't know, that Chainsaw maniac in Resident Evil 4 scared the shit out of me the first time I ran into it because I had like no ammo lol
Kingdom Come  +   1854d ago
Although not up there with the Silent Hill Franchise...
I'm suprised with the lack of creatures from the Siren Franchise, some of those met in that game are just plain F**ked up!
BYE  +   1854d ago
Those are all nothing compared to the giant goblins from Demon's Souls that kill you with one hit...or the dual katana wielding black skeletons.
Kingdom Come  +   1854d ago
Skeleton's haven't been scary for.....well, they haven't been scary.
UP  +   1854d ago
two words. octopus guy
120FPS   1854d ago | Offensive
120FPS  +   1854d ago
That my friend was funny as fcuk pmsl
HarryM  +   1854d ago
Those monsters don't seem scary to me. I'm surprised they didn't included any monsters from Quake 4...
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Hyperguy20  +   1854d ago
The Necromorphs from Dead Space arent in it?

What a rubbish list.
despair  +   1854d ago
hell most things from dead space are scary.
zatrox  +   1854d ago
The fuck? Even Kefka is scarier.
Gun_Senshi  +   1854d ago
fail list
no really, its epic fail list that a face palm is not required.
DigitalAnalog  +   1854d ago
The lack of "Pyramid Head" in both the article and comment section
IS just FAIL.

-End statement
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Aphe  +   1854d ago
Eh? It's got Pyramid Head in there, it's one of the only ones I agree with.
Snarkasaur  +   1854d ago
If effeminate silver-haired anime cliches scare you, I suggest you stop playing games, or going outdoors, or opening your eyes.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1854d ago
Dead Space and Resi evil 2! YES! Chainsaw man I knew he'd be there!
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yamzilla  +   1854d ago
coolest and scary!!!
Intro movie to KUON on the PS2....

If you haven't played and you like wierd games....check it out!
ElementX  +   1854d ago
Attn: Nowgamer

Top Ten lists are getting old FAST! No need to come up with 5 every day.

Also, if you MUST write stupid lists, please show a pic for each item so readers can have a graphical representation of whatever the hell you're trying to list. Take for instance the game monsters. I have no clue what some of them look like! Text doesn't do justice, so either write a proper article with pix or just drop the stupid lists.
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C L O U D  +   1854d ago
Lawl. Sephiroth was not scary, I quiet enjoyed him as a character in the PS1 title.

Metal Gear Ray...nothing to be scared of when your facing a good 4-6 of them.
kesvalk  +   1854d ago
giygas was worst... much worse for me...

after i undestood what was happening, i could't sleep at all...
TheMutator  +   1854d ago
wow!!!!! best stupid post ever made...congratulation!!!
Tyrant-Soul  +   1854d ago
Your kidding right?

He was a mommas boy with delusions of grandeur.
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Tzuno  +   1853d ago
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