Codies not doing Overlord PS3

"We are not porting Overlord to PS3," a Codemasters spokesperson told Eurogamer in response to the rumor sprung from a job posting on developer Triumph Studios' website.

Codemasters is the publisher of Overlord.

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tomfoolery3732d ago

It's not a triple a title, and you sure as hell don't want anymore 360
cheese-ass ports.I'll buy it for my 360 when it hits the bargain bin.

boi3732d ago

well just get it on pc...its under the bargain price over here (UK £20 or under)if you guys want to try it out...I did enjoy it tho lol

Excalibur3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Why is everybody dissing Overlord all off a sudden?
I thought it was a pretty good game. Sure it has it's flaws but what game doesn't?

BIadestarX3731d ago

Why? I think you know the answer to that.... Fanboys get upset when a game is not released on their loving console. This is just one of those times...