Wi-Fi neophytes get helping hand from new gaming router

Buffalo's new Wi-Fi device offers a dumbed-down, push-one-button-for-everything-to-magically-work solution to setting up a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Supporting the PSP, PS3, DS, and shortly the Wii, the actual process of getting connected couldn't be any simpler. All you're required to do is push the button on top of the Gamer, select AOSS (which stands for "AirStation OneTouch Secure System", Buffalo's proprietary connection technology), and the apparently necromantic box does the rest of the legwork. An absolute cinch.

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Rama262853921d ago

Not sure there is a market for this. Like seriously, how hard is it to set up a router? It took me less 2 minutes to set up my laptop and PS3 to connect to my Netgear router. And I didn't even have to press a button on the router! All you need is the password, like what's the big deal?