Buggy PSone trio pulled from PSN

Downloadable versions of PSone platformers MediEvil, Spyro 2 and Crash Bandicoot 2 have been removed from the PlayStation Store, after reports of bugs in the three titles reached Sony's ears. All were originally released last Thursday on the PlayStation Network in Europe.

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Zhuk3981d ago

Bad Sony, they really have to watch their quality control on releasing these games, especially since so many PS1 games are classics

GavinMannion3980d ago

It is actually now 4 titles that have been recalled...

Sorry I posted a new tip as well without finding this...

San anto3980d ago

buy them off the US store?

Meus Renaissance3980d ago

Spyro and Crash are still on the store though

XxZxX3980d ago

i comfirm the bug on crash. Bonus level causes crash to crash.. haha