EverythingPS - Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Giveaway!

Enter now for your chance to win SSARPBC!

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Petro893058d ago

This isn't news and the game is old.

The sequel will be out soon.

BBAM3057d ago

how's that a comment that can be disagreeable with o.O

gietzy3057d ago

Please tell me there is a sequel confirmed. I love SSARPBCs. It is the PSN game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T9X693058d ago

No thanks, I'll stick to Modnation Racers.

peeps3058d ago

i see your logic because modnation and ssarpbc are similar games /s

gietzy3057d ago

You might as well say you'll stick to RDR. They are completely different games. One is a kart racer, the other is super 4 aside football with cars that have rocket acrobatic skills.

peeps3058d ago

It's a fun little game with mates but i don't get why they are giving it away now when it's pretty old lol

Irnbruguy3057d ago

You answered your own question..

Its pretty old now lol

BBAM3058d ago

Underappreciated game. I've got more game time out of this downloadable title than some of my disc based games!
fun single player and playing online, but a gem if you've got extra controllers and mates to play with ;)
Servers rarely have noone playing too, even at 4am.

sfex3best3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

This is the best game on ps3 everyone should buy it !!

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