Crytek: "Crysis could be on the 360 or PS3"

Crysis heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 - it's the speculation that's refused to lay down and die and now, dangling a carrot in front of the faces of those who wish it would, Crytek has said it could happen.

"Theoretically, anything could run anywhere", Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli told PC Gamer (UK) magazine when asked if he still believed the first-person shooter couldn't run on console.

"Crysis could be on the 360 or PS3", Yerli said.

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Rythrine3946d ago

With him using the word "Or" rather than "And" makes me think that only one console would get it. He could've said "Could be on the 360 and PS3" but he didn't. The way I see it, 360 and PS3 have both advantages on their side if, and only if, one console gets it.

PS3 advantage: Well, if you go to Crytek's homepage they were looking for PS3 programmers. I know they denied it already but denials nowadays are just form of damage control. We heard tons of denials already that apparently became true, from the 360's Elite to the PS3's pricecuts, so denials doesn't mean rumors are false.

360 advantage: It has the same architecture as PC so its easier to port the game for the 360 than the PS3.

Imo, I do believe that Crysis will be ported, just not sure what console or maybe both but the use of "OR" just made me wonder. I just hope they port as soon as they can before it gets buried by great games coming in the future.

tehcellownu3946d ago

interesting i have a feelin ps3 would be the best choose..

JsonHenry3946d ago

Doesn't matter if both get it - it will not look like the Crysis you see in the screen shots. No DX10. No extensive use of physics. Just a stripped down version for the console guys.

It could still be fun, but dont think for a second it will look or feel anything like the much superior PC version.

SuperSaiyan43946d ago

Some time ago that both consoles would be getting a 'Different' version of the game Crysis as there is no way it could look that good on the consoles, you need loads of ram, really high end CPU speeds and also a top end graphics card.

All in all to get Crysis look at its top level you need a monster of a PC.

Husso3946d ago

They finally realized the sales on Pc would not be all that great.

SofaKingReetodded3946d ago

Vista sales have dropped faster than the 360?

Jdash243946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

I really hope it comes to the ps3, but i have my doubts about a 360 version, not to sound fanboyish or anything but a game like crysis looks like it would take up more than 9 gigs of space and the 360 discs might not be able to store all that, unless crysis takes up less gigs than i think it does, but fingers crossed that it comes to a console, cause im not buying the pc version

edit: my bad.....still would be great to see the game on the consoles thou

Marceles3946d ago

PC and 360 use the same disc format...size wouldnt have anything to do with not bringing it to the 360

the_round_peg3946d ago

Just think about it. Most PCs have a regular DVD drive, *not* a Blu-ray or HD-DVD drive.

So, if Crysis can run perfectly fine on PC without a Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive, then it will run just fine on Xbox 360 on a regular DVD.

Bazookajoe_833946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Because not all 360 has a harddrive they cant make it so it will have to be installed. Wich a i have no doubt it will be on pc.

Yes of course you are gonna be able to play mass effect and bioshock without the hdd. But Crysis are above those games in graffic and the pc version will without a doubt have installment to be able to handle this game, wich the 360 version can´t have. But youre right on the ps3 part, i doubt they will make a port to that either. So expect this game to be pc only..

the_round_peg3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Those are games should require a hard drive. People can still play the games if they don't have a hard drive on their 360. They just can't save games.

Also, you have to remember: Crytek's last blockbuster, Far Cry, was ported to Xbox but not Playstation. Have you already forgotten? Given Crytek's track record and history, I say they are more likely to port Crysis to Xbox 360 than PS3.

Most importantly, PC and 360 are similar architectures and can reuse much of codes, so making a port between the two platforms is much easier than porting to PS3, a completely different architecture that requires a entire rewriting the codes from ground-up.

Rageanitus3946d ago

Btw xbox cannot install files like a pc. There is no point in comparing it to a pc because the pc has the flexiblity to INSTALL on a HD

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Vojkan3946d ago

I always said it that it is possible. People forget that game looks stunning because of the engine, something like Gears of War making perfect use of Unreal Engine 3. If Gear of War was first on PC, everyone would be like "That game, can not run on console!", and we know that it can

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