Free MS Points With Medal Of Honor: Airborne

For those gamers waiting for Medal Of Honor: Airborne Gamestop is currently running a special promotion. Go into your local Gamestop (or order online) and pre-order Medal Of Honor: Airborne for the XBox360. If you pre-order the game with Gamestop you will receive a special Medal Of Honor card that will have 400 Microsoft points on it.

It should also be noted that if you pre-order the game in a Gamestop store you should receive your points card at the time of purchase. However if you take advantage of this deal through Gamestop's website they will ship the card to you with the game in September. Medal Of Honor:Airborne is set to retail at the standard $59.99 price. In the game you can view the entire operation from the air, and then control your parachute to choose your landing spot. This will allow the player to determine your own starting point within the mission which has the potential to drastically change the way each mission plays out. Medal Of Honor:Airborne also takes place in a free roaming FPS environment allowing the players to go wherever they see fit.

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Rowland3764d ago

i'll be able to buy a little old armoured hat for my Hamster & Ferrett !

DirtyRat3764d ago

tis a pity no UK retailers are offering similar deals