"Fanboyism" Is Healthy for the Gaming Industry, Then Why Is It so Maligned?

A gaming blog has written an interesting article discussing "fanboyism", how it is a positive for the video gaming industry, and why it is looked down upon. Check it out.

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ASSASSYN 36o3768d ago

Hi my name is ASSASSYN...and I am a fan of the Xbox 360. (keep it going!)

ErcsYou3768d ago ErcsYou(ERQ)...and im obsessed with my ps3.i have also been referred too as a lemmning (hint,hint) because im to cheap to buy a 360...if my ps3 setup(ps3,hdmi,controller,joys tick,fragfx,keyboard,games,rout er,hdtv,desk) didnt cost a small fortune i would buy a 360.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3767d ago

I repect fans more than kumbaya, peice love happieness, can't we all just get along, hippie, I love all consoles and games GIVE ME BUBBLES!!! gamers anyday. Yes that means PS3 fans eventhough I'm a total d!ck to them but yeah I repect you guys more than those I mentioned above. I can't f**king stand wannbe neutral gamers they just lie to themselves or to everyone.

batman2million3768d ago

hi i am batman 2 million i am a xbox 360 fanboy

Zhuk3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

this site is overrun by fanboys, so sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. I own a PS3 and Xbox360, but the 'Sony Fanboys' are unbelievably retarded and they really get in the way of being able to have an objective news source because their bias and spin infects the community.

Bordel_19003768d ago

Lol, and you are the biggest moron fanboy on this site bar none.

macalatus3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )


Wow!! Though I won't deny that extreme Sony fanboys do exists, why is it Xbox fanboys (you're the second person to say the same thing in this site, while pretending to be neutral) love to portray themselves as innocent, "victims of aggression" when anti-PS3 comments, articles, jokes, and etc. are much, much more common in the Internet? Or you were upset that's 'Sony fanboys'(which in your definition, I suspect, is anyone who defends Sony, fanboy or not) when compared to other multi-plat sites could actually band together instead of being 'gang-posted' by MS fanboys.

WafflesID3767d ago

It basically comes down to making yourself feel better about your purchase. Maybe for financial reasons some people can only have one system, so they attack any flaw they can about the other systems so they feel like they made the right choice.

You see this with damn near everything. Anyone remember grade school with Nike vs Reebok? How about Ford vs Chevy.

As far as this article is concerned, I think the author has missed the mark completely. How could brand loyalism be a good thing for competition. You need people who don't care whose name is on the console to promote competition. Fanboys stick with their system no matter the flaws, FANS of video gaming go with whatever system has the most benefits for them at that moment. MS isn't going to convince a sony fanboy to buy a 360, and Sony isn't going to convince an xbot to buy a PS3, and a Wiitard can't afford to buy either ;) hehe. So there would be no reason to compete with each other.

I say buy them all and enjoy the games. :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3767d ago

The PS3 fans that replied to you don't even have a clue that they just proved your point.

macalatus3767d ago

You did prove why Zhuk was wrong in the first place.

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Shaka2K63768d ago

I am a huge xbox fanboi,but then really how can someone be an xbox fanboi they have only been in the industry one generation and they totally failed at gaming how can someone support such crap corporation like microsoft they are selling time bombs right that what will eventually explote and then they make us pay to play the games online,im guessing most xbox fanbois are not old enough to remenber the golden nintendo years back in the 90's and how Sony now rules the gaming world like noone will ever.

and LMAO @ people taking this Fanboyism seriously, Fanboyism isnt even a real word,only here in the internet world of the geeks.

and also the only reason i pretend to be a Sony fan here (even though in reality i only own a PSP and PS3 and have zero interest in buying anything else) this site is full of xbox fanbois alot of them are really dumb its fun to make fun of them they are the mayority here if i just go and be another xbox fanboi in here its not interesting.

THC CELL3768d ago

The ps3 vs x box vs wii war is becoming like football fans but bigger party's and no hooligans.

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