What do the in-game trophies for your PS3 do?

Helium: "People new to the "gaming scene" often wonder about their gamer score. Questions like "what can I do with it?", "Does it unlock stuff?", and "How do I get more?" are frequently asked by friends and in forums. To clear up all this confusion, I'll tell you exactly what the in-game trophies award you, as well as what they don't."

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Gives me a sense of accomplishment

Gives me a reason to get out of bed and earn some trophies for me and my family, cant let my life just waste away.

I need my platinum's damn it!

I need my Killzone 2 Platinum!

I will get you Visari on ELITE difficulty!

I will march through your army with thier flame throwers in Visari Palace and i will drink the blood of every Helghast i find!!!


Rumor3058d ago

me a sense of completion when that "ding" comes up

honestly, if im depressed, i would turn my ps3 on and earn a trophy to cheer up :P

mastiffchild3058d ago

Well, I got told they make your penis bigger, or your tits bigger-though, sadly, not sex dependent so you take a bit of a risk, really. Might not be true, who knows? Whatever, when we end up with mutated gamers the world over with outsized sexy bits don't say you weren't warned.

rdgneoz33058d ago

Sadly, if the male gamers end up with bigger tits, I don't think they'll be leaving the house ever again...

ThanatosDMC3058d ago

You also get trophys/figurines in Home.

PoSTedUP3058d ago

when a trophy pops up on the screen i say "yo im the f****** best" and then my heart starts to race because it dosent happen to often and i just wanna thank my fans, my mom, and everyone who made it possible for me to accomplish such a goal... no really that doesnt happen at all i was only kidding i just keep playing my game like i normally would.

MysticStrummer3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Never heard of Trophies unlocking Home items, but I'm not into Trophies so maybe it's true. All Trophies do for me is to interrupt cutscenes and kick my immersion factor in the balls. I think both Trophies and Achievements are pretty stupid. They are cheap ways for devs to make us think we're getting more content than we really are. In reality, games in general have gotten shorter. People seem to like it though. Oh well.

Commander_TK3058d ago

excuse to play a game when I´m done with it and the obvious: Lvl up my trophy score

Hideo_Kojima3058d ago

They piss me of when they ask me to go and spend hours doing something really boring...

Kill 100 pigeons
Collect 100 feathers
Destroy 500 boxes

But when they are fun I like them...
Shoot 100 helmets off the Helghasts heads that for example was a good one.
Kill 100 people with your hammer. (red faction)
Stay alive with 6 stars for 5 minutes (gta iv)

Focker-4203058d ago


Certain PSN titles and Red Dead Redemption unlock stuff for your Home avatar

ReservoirDog3163057d ago

I just do it to get the most out my games. Like I'm replaying R&C ACIT for the trophies. Just need to finish it on challenge mode and I basically have the platinum.

I also went back and beat Killzone 2 on elite for the trophy (wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, though it was frustrating) and finished flower for 100%.

You just get your money's worth with trophies. They're technically worthless but fun nonetheless.

ThanatosDMC3057d ago

So far i've gotten RE5 and WKC figurines. They're about a foot high in Home.

smashman983057d ago

if i beat all my games i can go hey i can platinum in so and so...

PS3istheshit3057d ago

LOLOLOL man that was the funniest thing i heard all day ( and ive been through some knee slapping moments today)

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Sunny_D3058d ago

HAHAHAHAH! Dude, I know what you mean. It took me over 1000 tries to beat that courtyard. Although, the fight with Radec is a bit easier, expect to die a lot.

mastiffchild3058d ago

Yeah, only because Rico's about as much use as a bike to a fekkin earthworm. Just WHAT is he shooting at? Why is he there? Just to revive every ten seconds?

DontShoot-Me-Bro3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

I know dudeee lolol and you know whats the most annoying bit.....having RICO talking non stop!, so damn annoying lol, i will get there 1 day.....hopefully ;(

loll yeee masttiffchild exactly!!, Rico makes it so much more arghhh erghhh grrrr!!!! lol

jessupj3057d ago

Actually the courtyard is the easiest bit guys.

All I did was run past everyone. Not all the red eyes spawn at once, so once I pasted the intitial line of enemies it was clear sailing.

And then...... and then I battled radic for 5 hours....

Sarcasm3058d ago

You need trophies to enlarge your E-Penis that isn't real... but Is...

CrAnKiTuP_013058d ago

I accomplished the Killzone 2 platinum a year ago soon after launch being a hardcore killzowner, but I know what you feel xD

I had passed through the gates after hours of deaths and fails, defeated all but the last defences of Visari in the palace. Only Radec and the rocket launcher helghast stood in my way.. My heart raced, and I killed like a pro, knifing anything in site (being much quicker than a gun) and shot the heads of far off helghast. Everything was going great so far, when suddenly I unexpectedly needed to run to blockbuster -.-

I returned later, ready but seeing the blood surrounding the screen. I was injured, but I knew this was the moment of truth..

I presses start to unpause, and then BOOM!

... A rocket hits me straight in the face from a soldier to my right..


PopEmUp3058d ago

Completing the Game that all it's matter. You know you got better thing to do in life than some stupid trophies, wasting your time with games, it's remind me of that looser that have like 160+ platinum, no life at all man

bjornbear3057d ago

but i fear i simply can't =( its way too hard and i want to play other games atm, and since i will be seperated from my PS3 for a couple of months, i doubt i will ever get it ='(

oh well! at least its damn fun to play! =D

jerethdagryphon3057d ago

if you can get to him theres a easy wa t beat him

its getting to him thats hard and yes i still need to get to him

jeseth3057d ago

They aren't real . . . . . BUT THEY ARE!!!

Jaces3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Gives you more reason to go back and beat the game again and again.

Resistance 2 "10,000" kills trophy online took forever >XD

Besides, the *ding* sound is so GODDAMN ADDICTING!!!

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halojunkie3058d ago

gives me a sense of gaming accomplishment i can remember.

question: what does that noise sound like to you when you get a trophy?

Sunny_D3058d ago

I think it was more like "PLINK"

SnuggleBandit3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

no, no sounds like "dink" haha

CrAnKiTuP_013058d ago

it was more of a "Drruhn!" O_o
Maybe I'm deaf.

Lombax3058d ago

Sounds like a tiny angel's laughter.

Hideo_Kojima3058d ago

It sounds like gaming Jesus is doing this to me...

dead_eye3058d ago

Sounds exactly like my message tone on my phone. Well it does now that I changed it on my phone to the ps3 trophy sound.

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Newtype3058d ago

Makes me go into collector mode, and become more into finishing the game.

dizzleK3058d ago

i'm a hair away from level 13.... no platinums. they show me i play too many games.

Focker-4203058d ago

It gives me a reason to do things in the game that I wouldn't have done before. Plus there is a small feeling of euphoria everytime I hear that pleasant chime.