Call of Duty Black OPS Gameplay Trailer

See the latest trailer of Call of Duty Black OPS, which was shown at E3 2010.

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jak3y13oy3083d ago

Love how at the start Treyarch copied the Tactical Knife from MW2 and put a Torch instead of a Knife in it.. I shall kill you with my Torch! >:]

gtamike3082d ago

Same old cod with new skins

CellularAutomata3082d ago

Deal with it.
Or go play Heavy Rain. XD

blumatt3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I'm done with Call of Duty for a LONG time. I still love Cod4, but that's it. MW2 left a bad taste in my mouth. The maps sucked. Tactical Knife/Commando perk were WAY over-powered. There were too many airstrikes. The freakin Herrier stayed in the air for TOO long. Hell, you could win a match and have only gotten 3-5 kills yourself and the rest being done with your perks, such as airstrikes and that stupid sentry gun. The hit boxes are way too damn big. You can snipe someone and just get close to their body and it still hits them. That's bullshit! Also, the guns don't do even close to realistic damage. I'd like to see hit-specific damage. Headshots are the only thing that kill with one shot every single time. Some guns will kill you with one shot that shouldn't sometimes and sometimes guns that should (sniper rifles) don't kill you in one shot. The Barret .50 Sniper Rifle should kill someone with ONE shot no matter what! I wish they'd do like Killzone 2 where the enemies respond to WHERE you shoot them at. Plus, Infinity Ward had the nerve to charge us again for maps we already owned on Cod4. Sure, they changed them a little, but they were over-priced for what they were. So, until CoD gets back to CoD4 style, I'm done buying any more of their games. There's tons of other shooters out (too damn many imo) and there's no reason why CoD deserves the sales it gets. It's recycled crap year after year. I'd much rather see CoD released bi-yearly and dlc used to fill in the gap (and not $15 dlc, which is too much. $10 was just right.).

jak3y13oy3082d ago

Totally agree with you, Hate how they gave unrealistic things like Marathon Lightweight Commando aka Usain Bolt with a tac knife, Bad weapon balancing, UMP the infamous overpowered weapon, and how snipers sponge, Barret --><-- that is suppose to blow peoples heads off, but not in cod. Think everyone was annoyed how the map packs were 1200mp (or £11 in psn and $15 for USA) but because everyone bought it, they kept it like that.
Hopefully CoD:BO will be better than MW2 with weapon balancing and killstreak rewards(killstreak kills dont count to your next killstreak!), No Commando :D, Zombies hopefully (shall be good) .

absolutecarnage3082d ago

don't let the door hit you on the way out

El-Fenemeno12133082d ago

I don't see a new trailer anywhere -_-

Rucury3082d ago

From description: "(...) which was shown at E3 2010."

El-Fenemeno12133082d ago

My fault, in that case, this articles is fail.

MGRogue20173082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I need this new CoD game fast.. Modern Warfare 2 is getting old.. like, really old. Not gonna' lie though, It's still addictive as always

Colonel-Killzone3082d ago

Nothing Ground Breaking. Call of duty campaign is nothing special. On top of that they always end up killing basically everybody lol. Its been that way sense the beginning of the Franchise.

The original Call of duty to me was the most fun I ever had in the story. Lets be honest now. Nobody buys call of duty for the campaign or even play it for its campaign. 9/10 most people go straight to the Multiplayer or this case Zombie Mode.

T9X693082d ago

Zombies was fucking awesome, that would be the only reason I would buy Black Ops if they included it. There is to much BS in COD to try to even enjoy it anymore, where with Zombies its all about working together to survive as long as possible which is always tons of fun.

Dellis3082d ago

1.5 MILLION SOLD day 1, Activision got a winner brand

hardcore gamers hate it but it sells, so that makes

hardcore gamers worthless to the business

UnSelf3082d ago

whats a hardcore gamer?

adonis1833082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

da you play alot

HaVoK3083082d ago

People that talk abut, bitch about, and read about games more than they actually play them. Some lame ass title they give themselves to make them feel cooler then they actually are.

Real Gamers play all great games across all consoles. Understand that there can be more then one great game out at a time and you can play and enjoy them equally. Real Gamers care about the experience of gaming...not fucking sales, reviews, GOTY candidates, ect. Real Games have intelligence, commonsense, and a rational mind. Its about the experience and personal entertainment. You are either a Gamer or you are Not! Those that feel they need to be identified as Hardcore probably have an issue fitting in society and lack positive human interaction.

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