Zipper Cast Doubt On Public Beta For SOCOM 4

SOCOM Union writes: "With SOCOM 4's planned fall release quickly approaching, many fans have been speculating as to when a public beta will be available. However, Zipper has cautioned SOCOM fans against expecting a beta, warning players not to "assume anything, so there's no disappointment later.""

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Coramoor_2937d ago

No surprises here, Great online infrastructure and no need to let the hardcore fans tear it apart before it even hits the shelves

JDouglasGU2937d ago

agreed, but it's unfortunate we might not get to see what they have planned in that form.

jjohan352937d ago

It needs a beta. Don't make the same mistake as Infinity
Ward please. If Naughty Dog needed a beta to perfect the game, so does Zipper.

Elwenil2937d ago

You are forgetting that Zipper recently released MAG which was extensively beta tested and SOCOM 4 is supposed to be using the same basic multiplayer configuration. If Zipper can pull off 200 players, I'm sure they can pull off a squad based multiplayer.

vhero2937d ago

Last online beta they did (MAG) showed just how bad there game was and killed the sales. So no wonder they are not doing it.

Coramoor_2937d ago

They made plenty of money on MAG in the end I believe

HQLocated1112937d ago

So you think its better for people to buy socom without knowing what they're getting first???

WOW then i guess i'll just stick to the review scores, and if they're anything like MAG, i'm not buying that shit.

skrug2937d ago

Beta are not demo, 2 completely different things...

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halojunkie2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

oh lawd don le dem do dis ta may...ohhhh lawwwd.

on topic, this game looks badass.

LordMarius2937d ago

Guess they are planning a PS+ beta only.....if there is enough subscribers by then

playstation_clan2937d ago

socom 4 will be amazing
1. zipper made it
2. it'll have a beta
3. they have to redeem after confrontation
4. its socom, it was great on psp/ps2, it'll be unbelievable on ps3

XXXCouture2937d ago

they didnt make confrontation

the-show-stopper2937d ago

redeem the franchise name not thier name

Spenok2936d ago

Nope, they didnt make confrontation. And how is it your so sure it will have a beta? Zipper JUST said dont expect anything so your not disapointed. Im not saying there wont be as Zipper themselves didnt say they would or would not have a beta. I just dont understand how you know there will be a beta when Zipper says dont expect anything.

1233602937d ago

just for the plus owners please,like myself i paid me wants.

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The story is too old to be commented.