10 LEGO Games they Should Make

Following on from yesterday's announcement of LEGO Indiana Jones, Gameplayer have examined what other major film properties would be worth a conversion.

"So what other films should receive the LEGO treatment? Before we begin to get your imagination pumping and anticipation boiling with a few of the cinematic gems we think would benefit from a LEGO overhaul, we should lay out the ground rules. The factors that we think have made the LEGO Star Wars games so successful and what we considered while developing our list."

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willud4skins3767d ago

cool article. can someone post the list. i cant open at work

THC CELL3767d ago

1. The Lord of the Rings: Oh yes, this has to be the clearest contender of all. Iconic action sequences? Check. Large cast of stereotyped characters? Check. A penchant for taking itself so seriously you couldn’t wedge a joke between its zip-locked butt-cheeks? Check. Traveller’s Tales could have such a good time poking fun at this film they would barely need to add gameplay. In particular, we would like to see them boldly lampoon one of the film’s more obvious ‘hidden’ messages: that Frodo and Sam are tailgaters and they’re both keen on an entirely different type of ring. You know what we’re talkin’ ‘bout!

2. James Bond: LEGO, James LEGO. Imagine a game that jumped recklessly across all the famous Bond moments, taking them right down to their building blocks and then renovating them with tongue stuck even further in cheek. The settings would jump wildly all across the world and throw users into any number of crazy gameplay situations: car chases, ski sequences, orbiting space station “laser” fights, giant blimp escapes and city destroying tanks. There are classic villains, blatant sexist slurs and gadgets galore. With Bond 22 in the works, the time is now.

3. Harry Potter: It seems like every second day a new Harry Potter film, book or lunchbox comes out, so you just know a LEGO re-imagining would sell through the roof. In terms of demographic, it has the whole world mesmerised in its spell: half the human species want to be Harry, and the other half want to smash him to pieces. LEGO Harry Potter could accommodate both! And lets face it, Hogwarts itself is a veritable gag factory in waiting with a cast of hundreds, magic tricks galore and even a worthy villain all pleading to be mocked by the good people at Traveller’s Tales.

4. X-Men: Did anyone every crack a smile in these films? From wolverine’s steel-locked jaw and rusty side-burns combo to a chick that could seemingly pull a gale right out of her ass, this film series managed to keep a straight face despite the odds. We would like to see the LEGO lads try and do the same thing! C’mon, watching a walking stack of blocks fight racism with the power to walk through walls has ‘funny’ written all over it. And there is still plenty of love for these freaks, that’s why they’ve just given the green light for production on Wolverine and Magneto spin-off films.

5. Back to the Future: Time-travelling Marty McFly gets into all kinds of crazy shenanigans as he goes on a one man mission to royally screw over his entire family across three generations. With a setting that ranges from the Wild West to the future it’s got a zillion sequences and scenes that would be entertaining in LEGO form. We all want to see a LEGO Marty invent rock ’n’ roll while simultaneously saving himself from a lifetime of incest. And Back to the Future is only going to get more relevant too, as we approach 2015… and Jaws 10.

6. Star Trek: So many planets, so many characters, so many mind-reading weird alien chicks and so many dudes wandering around with plasticine on their heads. With a new Star Trek movie in the works it’s time to untangle the series many narrative knots by running the ruthless comb of satire through every last place that fat guy and his spiky eared wooden plank for a mate boldly went. As an aside, this adaptation would have the dubious honour of looking more realistic in LEGO form, than it did in the original sets!

7. Jurassic Park: We’re not sure how much it cost Mr. Spielberg, but he did manage to get the original Jurassic Park a PG rating. So as far as we’re concerned this makes man-eating lizards and mammoth piles of sh1t fair game for the kiddies. We would kind of like to play the dinosaurs in this one, so we can eat Newman, but there are plenty of other wide-eyed LEGO dude running away from stampeding gecko moments that could see this game dish out the laughs, as well as the gore.

8. The Matrix: Those little LEGO dudes are pretty good at looking confused, which makes them perfect for recreating The Matrix storyline. The action was sweet, but the narrative disappeared up its own source code about halfway through Reloaded and all through Revolutions. A LEGO The One doing bullet time, Agent Smith henchman by the hundred and even that knob-end from Home and Away are asking for a smartly done satirical twist. C’mon LEGO, take the red pill.

9. Titanic: Well, it’s no trilogy (thank God), but it’s almost as long as one. According to box office figures, everyone on the planet has seemingly seen this picture, painting its many big budget action scenes and corny romantic dialogue with ‘parody me please’ targets the size of icebergs. We could all be King of the Lego World as Leonardo DiCaprio defies the laws of physics by becoming the first block of ice to sink. Still, that ludicrously stupid scene did make for one of Hollywood’s genuine cheer-out-loud moments.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: Exotic locales, iconic scenes, memorable characters, and a perennially drunk lead: what’s not to like. We want to see the Krakken in LEGO glory and watch a blocky Black Pearl glide through a bricked sea. We also want to find out who actually makes the better heroine, Kiera Knightly or Orlando Bloom, by swapping their heads around. In truth though, watching LEGO blocks fly everywhere during those epic battles would make for fun gaming.

SlappingOysters3767d ago

I don't think you're allowed to do that. By posting such a big part of the article you've surely breached copyright.

viper13767d ago

i heard there doing a batman lego game sometime this year i think now that would be cool as man also what about spiderman that one would be good.

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