Metal Gear Online First Look Interview

Get a first look at this stand-alone online game, built off of Metal Gear Solid 4, that emphasizes teamwork

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HeartlesskizZ3947d ago

I feel like pulling my hair for this game not coming anytime soon!
I know it worth the wait every single day of it as im a true fan of mgs but i hate watin and I will keep hating it for the rest of my life.

supnub53947d ago

this is separated game!! i thought it's the online play of mgs4, how broke are game devs trying me to make.

HeartlesskizZ3947d ago

yes totally seperate. I forgot where I read it and who said it but i believe the dev team said they look all posibles way to make the online related to offline and they just cant because is simply different, so what they want is for those who are not fans of series they can just get the online version maybe from psn, I know the online is possible in just one BRD but they will do same as mgs3, I knew this was coming, anyways reasonable price is $29.99 just like warhawk.

ALIEN3947d ago

im gonna go broke, no MONEY!

Zhuk3947d ago

i love kojima and mgs, cant wait for this

Phantom_Lee3947d ago

....I wonder can you custom your character...

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The story is too old to be commented.