Madden NFL 08 Monday Night Madden Part 3 - The Tech HD

New madden 08 video.

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Nostradavis3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

...that can make those players look like they are NOT running with sticks up their butt again this year.

power of Green 3949d ago

Go with 2K8 I think that game's running at 60 fps also?.

Maddens Raiders3949d ago

That music's got my blood boiling; I can't wait to smash some skulls w/ Mr. Madden.

jerrell3949d ago

I wonder what the soundtrack for the game is going to be like..Playing Madden witha good soundtrack always gets my blood pumping!

power of Green 3949d ago

normal flow of news coming through this site its refreshing when the news isn't forced.

weazle3949d ago

I really want this game to be good. I would love to have a decent NFL game to play with real NFL teams. I am hopeful, but with EA's disappointments time after time it may not be realistic to expect too much from this.
Come on EA....quit slacking and make a good game for once. Just because you have the exclusive NFL license doesn't mean you have to cut corners every year just to make a buck. Just think of how much more profit you could make if the game was actually good!!
Please don't disappoint us again with another poor release.

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The story is too old to be commented.