EGM Lair ratings are true

The rumor of low ratings from the gaming magazine EGM of the Playstation 3 game Lair are in fact true, and there is a scan of the review to prove it.

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ShiftyLookingCow3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

and if I remember right Gamepro gave it 3.75/5, the main problem is the six axis controls according to these reviews, not that they are broken but its hard to play with hands moving the whole game which is long.

[edit]@Lord Anubis, I think I found it in neogaf link from the original rumor, let me try to get the exact link

It doesn't look like fake but I guess its still rumor, since there is no magazine photo

Lord Anubis3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

would you happen to have a link. I have not read the gamepro review. Well, I haven't read any lair review to be honest.

To be fair. They played an old build. I wouldn't consider it a review but rather a preview.

tehcellownu3922d ago

Regardless i think Lair will still sell good..and its only one review..and gamepro gave it decent score..its not all that bad..Everyone talkin about Lair..its like i go to every message board i see thread on lair that like freaken 15 pages people still want to buy this game..

Seraphim3921d ago

and Play gave Lair a 9/10. I'm not to big on reviews in general and never base a decision about buying a game on them. But EGM has always been awful imho. They have deaf, dumb, blind, anal monkeys reviewing games and they never give credit where it's truly due... So this is certainly no surprise to me...

nasim3921d ago

who cares about that GAYGM scores.

OTHERS read the GAMEPRO review.

NOTE:- GAMEPRO has reviewed an "EARLY BUILD"

the website would be reviewing the LATEST BUILD completed on JULY 25,2007

MikeJonesOK3921d ago

who would thought that one little magazine review would cause sure a stir

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Odion3922d ago

ya i can't seem to find gamepros.

It looks like Lair is going to be a game that will appeal to people who like this type of game, but not to the masses, which was the vibe i was getting before this.

supnub53922d ago

let's not say anything about it until the issue is out!

i Shank u3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

this is what i have to say, scratch deez nuts

Ignorant Fanboy3922d ago

When the mag comes out, what will your excuse be then?

sticky doja3922d ago

for anyone that would take the time to make this up using something like Photoshop, just to get a few internet blog rooms chattering.

Delive3921d ago

But I get the Mag free even though I have not subscribed in years. Their credability is so poor that they have to give away the mag for people to read it. They dumped on BLue Dragon too and Nothing has been said negative about this game to this point. EGM: Excessive Gaming Misinformation.

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sonarus3922d ago

well i wanna start using six axis controls. Played warhawk but didnt use six axis. I really think this sort of thing adds to the gameplay. They could have probably made 6 axis support optional but hey am glad they didnt

Zhuk3922d ago

The only good games with dragons will always be the Panzer Dragoon series (remake please!), Lair never had a chance of being a classic and it was way overhyped by the PS3 community because they have a lack of quality AAA titles coming out.

MarioFromTexas3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

First off you haven't played the game, I'll wait til the game comes out to judge for myself, as for the six axis control I think that sony is heading in the right direction, it would be nice to control the dragon with the six axis and the rider with the dual sticks...This is the kind of games I like...If this editor gave it 6 because he didn't like the six axis control, this would be the stupidest reveiw ever

First off this from one game magazine and other game sites have given it a 9/10....I'll read their reveiw because I like to know what was wrong with it, just like I want to know when a game gets a 9 and what experiance they had with the game...I like 3rd person action/adventure games and would rate them higher than FPS, and the same could go from someone who like FPS more, so I want to read their valid points and I hope it's not some control preference because that wouldn't be fair to the developer for puting his veiws on a game, rather than copying the same control schemes from previous games.

Zhuk3922d ago

lol sixaxis is a gimmick it'll never make for a great game, its awesome in principle but in practice its shortcomings are quite apparent.

You might like this game but if it got a 6 this game is a terrible disappointment and wont ever be a classic dragon game like the Panzer Dragoon series.

Azures3922d ago

"because they have a lack of quality AAA titles coming out"

Heavenly Sword, Rachet and Clank Future, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4

4 till the end of the year if you don't wanna count third party games, exclusive or not. With it has Assassin's Creed, GTA4, Unreal Tourney, and Haze. So please, quiet your ignorant mouth.

From the looks of it this game is still solid, the controls are just hard to get a handle on.

Captain Tuttle3921d ago

You have to admit that Lair has been hyped like crazy. Zhuk's original point is completely valid. Sometimes it can be hard for a game to live up to all the press.

monkey6023921d ago

oh come on your pic even says fan boy- im not saying lair is good or bad, who cares if it got low scores its what people like that matters, but you just dump on lair for being a bad dragon game but not once mention that blue dragon looks even worse

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